Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eenie Meenie Half cup of Beanie

Hellooooo out there! :)

We are just hanging out tonight watching Sheldon Cooper. BAZINGA! haha.

Hubs actually joined me at the gym tonight!  Me and mom and some other friends were at kickboxing and it was wonderful and sweaty and I became aware of how much I had missed it these past two weeks!!

Of course it was full of the newbies.  Packed with people & their new years resolutions.  Cant hate though because everyone has to start somewhere!  Two girls were behind me...youngins haha..and they were all giggly through the first couple songs but by the end of the hour they were pretty quiet haha.  It's a lot of jumping around and kicking and dancing but it gets harder before you know it :)

Anyways breakfast was a winneeeerrrr.

270 cals-including coffee & creamer
The "norm"!
Anyways lunch was fanflippingtastic and all the guys mopped around my door sniffing wanting to know what I was eating.
Umm....a weight watcher frozen pizza. LOL.
693 cals
It was so good though.  It even has like fresh basil or something on it...loveeeee their pizzas.
I had a side salad with french fried onions and cheese and ranch, little bits of each on top.
Then a while later I had this yumminess.
110  cals
That is a oreo jello pudding cup.
I didnt snack anymore till dinner even though I was ravenous around 4:30pm.
I came home and went to kickboxing and then cooked those chicken burgers from costco that was in the freezer.  I am trying to eat EVERYTHING in the freezer before we move!
So those babies were in the frying pan just basically heating theirself and I put some shreadded pepperjack cheese (thanks mom!) on top with some french's fried onions and then toasted some bread, about a tbsp of fat free mayo, mustard, slices of onions and pickle.
665 calories
We also had beans with it (half a cup of baked beans) and a 100 cal bag of doritos.
I went over calories by just a little bit BUT I also earned like over 800 from kickboxing.
Anyways I hope you supastars have a nice night!!!!!


  1. How did I miss that you are moving??
    I know exactly what you mean about eating out of the freezer :)

    1. I havent talked about it much!! :) But we should be moving on the 26th God willing!! Yep freezer is almost cleaned out!! :)

  2. I took n extrem fitness class that included kickboxing once. LOVED it! I might sign up for 6 weeks in the next session. Fun!

    1. Girl you totally should its sooo fun!!!!!!!

  3. Okay, so I'm with Suzi. WHY are you moving, where are you moving to, same area, etc? We are women and we demand details! Lol I couldn't help but get a kick out of your typo of mopped instead of moped. I thought, "Man, if that pizza will make men mop outside my door, I'm having it. My house needs all the help it can get!" Hahaha

    1. Hahahaha you are too funny!!! Thank you grammar police staci!! bahahaha That was bad sorry I was kinda confused and I think i had it right the first time!! LOL Anyways we are moving about 25 miles down the road to hubs parents house (they still own it but moved to PA for his stepmoms job) so we are renting for a year at least here and its a much bigger house but out in the boonies !! So I am excited to get more space though I will try to take pics for yall when we move!!! :) And we should be moving the 26th!

    2. LOL, sorry! :) I couldn't resist that one because it made me giggle. I have a friend that I text and she points out EVERY typo I make!!! I promise I will never do that to you. Drives me nuts! But this one I loved. Lol So no more cat sitting? Awesome about the new place to live. I'm excited for you!

    3. hahah you are so naughty!!! LOL that is crazy about your friend tho LOL!! No more cat sitting!!!!!LOL!! Yes we are stoked about moving, I will have a longer drive to work but i think overall it will be better for us!

  4. You always eat the yummiest meals! Speaking of new Jello cups -- I just saw a s'mores flavored one at the store last night, but didn't try it. Maybe I will have to be more adventurous and try it, lol.

    Hope you have a great day & thanks for always blogging -- I literally look forward to reading your stories every morning while I eat my breakfast. :)

    1. AWWW Katie my jaw literally just dropped! That is SO STINKIN SWEET!! Totally made my day!! It blows my mind..I had a sweet reader tell me yesterday that I inspired her to go out in the 34 deg weather and go to the gym yesterday...!!! I cannot hardly believe that people look foward to reading this blog, it makes me SO happy!! Thank you SO much!! Its comments like that that keep me going!! ANd I am going to have to look for the smores!!!! That sounds AMAZING!

  5. Way to go with the kickboxing!!! You kicked some butt! I love how you take a picture of all your food. I just bought some of those pizzas!! Glad to know they're tasty (and smell good) haha

    1. hahaha!! yes girl they are so good!!! I am glad you enjoy the pics!! Im a visual person too, I love seeing what other people eat and it helps keep me accountable! Yes kickboxing rocks, i lurve it <3

  6. Nice work, counting calories and kicking butt at the gym!!


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