Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Moving Fast!

Hello there loves!!

Ok SOOO today was crazy!

We had planned on moving saturday right, well hubs found out he has to work, SO him and my dad are supposed to move everything tommorow and the next day, so that pushed up my packing QUITE a bit.  Actually to tonight! HA.

Luckilly I have been packing a little here and there and not totally procrastinating.  So anyways...breakfast was weird...I tried a frozen banana with a cup of almond milk because its less calories....

I had a few sips but it was pretty nastaaaaayyy.
So that was a no go.  I left it at home and I think hubs might have had a bit of it LOL. 
I, instead, had a sandwich with just mustard and half a serving of turkey. 
Weird but whatever. 
It was nothing pretty, but it served it's purpose. 
Lunch, however, was quite amazing if I do say so myself.
Big ole salad with egg, turkey, tomatoe, bell pepper, cucumber and lettuce.  Blue cheese dressing, the aldis brand which is actually really cheap and really good.
I had a cheese pizza put out by smart ones. 
Dinnnerrr was a Weinnerrrr.
We ate the last two angus burgers with sauteed mushrooms and onions, rice, mushroom gravy (fit & active from aldis) and broccoli.  I also had some brummel and brown on the rice. 
Yes, that would be my re-created banana shake.
I had one frozen banana, this time with a cup of 1% milk. 
Much better but still not that great. 
Man, the first time with my protein powder was awesome...I dont know whats going on maybe I need more ice. 
Anyways I consumed two snack bags of Doritos while stress packing.
It is, what it is.
At least Im honest. HA!
Y'all keep us in your prayers as we move please!!
Its stressful but I know I am going to be so excited when it's all in there and I can organize everything LOL. 
Let me know if yall want to see a house tour and maybe I'll do a video.  It's nothing fancy but I know Im always curious as to what other peoples houses looks like LOL.   
Anyways have a lovely night!!!!!


  1. Nosey Rosey! :) Of course we want a tour! Lol You are my hero for eating at home during a move. That would've been my pizza excuse right there. Of course, it doesn't take much! Hahaha

    1. Haha I am totally going to do one, hopefully this weekend when i get everything pretty! hehe And thanks girl, I love those angus burgers they are so tasty and easy it wasnt hard making that choice, plus quick! But yeah we were sooo tempted to get pizza last night because all the dishes were packed but got subway instead, i just now got my post up lol!

  2. Hi dahling. I didn't know you were moving so soon. Good luck...moving sucks. You will be in there before you know it though and can organize it how you like. It's always stressful but very nice to kind of have a new start somewhere. Please do a video or at least some pics when you get a chance.

    1. Oh i LOVE a new start girl, I am totally loving the new house, I cant wait to organize this weekend, haha!! I will totally do pics and prob a video too!!

  3. Ughh, the stress of moving is awful... kudos to you for staying on track and not diving face first into pizza and chips, because that's exactly what I would've done! Good job girl and good luck with the move!

    1. Lol. Right. I said pizza. Fast, cheap, easy, and you can eat it from a box! Lol

    2. haha thanks girl!!! we were 99.9 % close to getting little cesars last night because all the dishes were packed but I got subway instead!! yay!!

  4. girl you need to get something else in that smoothie than just a nanner! haha like some frozen strawberries!!

    Your comment disappeared off my blog post today, but I wanted to let you know that I have a magic bullet! It came from walmart around Christmas time and it was like $29.

    also, did you get my email? I emailed you asking if you watch some sort of news channel where you live? because a girl I went to high school with is a weather girl for a myrtle beach station. Just curious! It'd be a real small world if that was the case. haha

    1. haha that is too funny!!! we are actually about 2 hrs from myrtle beach but hopefully will go there soon!!! We watch channel 9 and 64 i think!? I havent checked email though were were moving ALL last night and no internet at the new house yet, hopefully friday if it doesnt snow LOL. OK magic bullet and frozen strawberries, got it!! haha

  5. The single serve blender by Hamilton Beach at Walmart....$14.96! That thing is PERFECT for making low cal milkshakes, smoothies....crushes is like it's nothing. I'm not saying it's a magic bullet, but for that amt of $, it is great & that's all I really wanted to use it for. I know the magic bullet does a lot of stuff but I didn't really need all that. I love mine because it's the perfect size, takes up practically no counter space, easy to clean & works great. Just a tip :) I bet you're excited to get everything organized this weekend! I soooo wish we could move down that way but don't see it happening anytime soon.

    1. girl i used to have one of those!!! But it just didnt work too good for me :( it was OK, but I think it was old maybe...I got it at a consignment store, in fact I almost got a PINK one the other day at target and jacob was like NO, you have already had one of those and gave it away! LOL but they are an awesome deal! I LOVED THE PINK ONE!!!! I wish yall could move closer too girl, we would have SO much fun!!!!

  6. correction....*ice lol

  7. We would have fun! I just miss living in that area. I was afraid the single serve blender might not work too well for crushing ice & stuff but I figured since I got mine at Walmart & they are so awesome about letting you return stuff that I'd try it out & if it wasn't what I thought, I'd return it. I was actually surprised that it worked so well. Maybe they've improved it or something.


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