Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pretty Breakfast

Hello there loves!

Today I felt like things were finally back to "normal".

My brother was on my mind a lot but at least hubby was back home.  He got back home last night which was great, I had totally missed him!

I went to bed pretty early last night too, I was feeling rough and really needed some sleep.  Staying up late watching Alabama cream Notre Dame took a lot of my energy.  I am not 18 anymore and I can barely last past 12 these days! lol.

Breakfast was pretty gorgeous this am, if I do say so myself.

371 calories
Thats my egg cooked in the microwave with one 45 calorie thin slice of cheddar on an english muffin.  Fresh strawberries and banana coins with water.
600 calories
We celebrated the boss's birthday yesterday, thats the reason for my colorful plate.
We got him a gift card to GNC so he can buy his overpriced protein powder a bit cheaper LOL.
So for lunch I had the two little smart ones mini cheeseburgers with onion, pickle, ketchup, mustard and lettuce and tomatoe on top.  I didn't count calories for those little bit of toppings.  I had a 100 cal bag of cheetos and a snack pack chocolate pudding for 120 cals.
375 calories
Theyre baccccckkkk!!!
My yummy salmon burger drizzled in franks red hot and rice with spray butter (I cant believe its not butter) and broccoli with shreadded cheese on top. 
And as quickly as they came, they dissapeared.  Me and hubs ate the last two, which is ok because I need to go to Costco and get toilit paper anyway.  I love buying toilit paper once every two months. Awesomeness.
I had seriously good intentions of going to the gym..even had a sports bra on, but it just didnt happen.
I was hungry and hubs was home, so LAZY I was.
 Bummer. Oh well I have kickboxing tommorow and I am dragging my hiney there!!! I havent worked out since December!!!! BAHHHH!!!
Ok loves that is all I have for you tonight, OH! I am also going to have a serving of honey nut cheerios with one percent milk here in a minute and watch some youtube.
Yeah, it fittin to be crazy round here yall.


  1. You food pics always look amazing :)

    1. awww thank you!!! apparently i have no idea how creative I am!! LOL thank you though!!

  2. I swear you have the best food pics and ideas. I am just not creative at all I guess. Glad the hubby is back home and things are getting back to normal. Have a great Thursday!

    1. awww girl you are too funny!! I guess its just normal and I never think its too creative LOL but my mom is the same way. Growing up, she always made food look "pretty" lol. Prob why I like it so much!! hahah Have a good day too hun!!!

  3. I love all the food pictures you post! And I'm the same way with staying up late. I always think, sure I can! And then it's like 12:30 and I'm a zombie. Proud of your brother :)

    And I didn't realize ihop had that sorta meal?! Maybe I can stop avoiding it now haha

    1. Awe thanks girl!!! And YES you need to go to IHOP! They have a Simple & Fit menu, it tells you all the calories of the meal on the menu and its delicious! You get egg beater substitute and turkey bacon, even omlets with cheese and spinach and fruit, thats what mom got and i have gotten it before, its so good!


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