Monday, January 7, 2013


Alright guys!!!

National Championship is on and my boys are playin!!

But today has been great...woke up this morning and got to go see my little brother be sworn in to the Marines.  That was awesome.

I had some Peanut Butter Cinnamon Crunch Toast cereal at my parents house before we left.

175 cals (est for one portion cereal and half cup milk)
Then off to MEPS!
LOVED getting to experience this.
Then me Mom and Dad went to IHOP.
The Simply Fit Two x Two x Two
400 calories
But I had them add whip cream and powdered sugar on my pancakes and used hot suryp.  I had just a tiny bit of those grits with cheese on them.  And coffee and creamer.
I was really tempted to get something REALLY bad but I didnt :)
Then at work I had a banana
90 calories
and then I had a poptart that I had grabbed on the way to Mom & Dad's in case I didn't get to eat.
Then this naughty girl came over....
She brought this...
250 cals subway cookie
and some white cheddar popcorn which I had some of too!! :(
But we were going to get pizza and didnt :) #winning!
I had instead a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread 100 cal bread.
50 cal for turkey
45 cal cheese
mustard no mayo and lettuce and tomato
with tortilla chips and my uncles salsa.  Unfortunatley I had a good bit of those chips. Baaaa.
Anyways !
ROLL TIDE YALL!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those Subway cookies are killer! My stupid Subway gives a free one if you go to church on Sundays. I hate it, but I had to quit church. HAHAHAHA Kidding!!! Best of luck to your brother. I know that's exciting, proud, and scary all rolled into one. Good girl for not getting pizza and tempting ME with it. ;)

    1. LOL yes im glad i didnt tempt anyone either!!! LOL thanks girl we are super proud of him!! :) lol i remember your subway doing that!!

  2. I am so proud of you for eating so good at IHOP! That is huge. Congrats on the win!

    1. Thank you girl!!! And yes we were happy Bama fans!!! :)

  3. You had a very full day and altogether looks like you did pretty well. Congrats on your brother, he should be very proud.

    1. Thank you Tori!! We did have a great day :) We are super proud of him!

  4. Btw, find me on MFP, ToriSLeslie, I need friends!

  5. My grandpa was a marine. :) he always joked that all of the other branches were sissys. Haha


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