Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Smoothie Morning & Movie Night!

 Hey there loves!!

Today started out great!

Woke up early and got to the gym around 6:30am.  Busted out almost 300 cal on the treadmill and over 200 on the elliptical!

Came home and made a DELICIOUS banana protein smoothie!!  I was inspired by Stacey's video on her banana smoothie!!  Me and my cousin Ashley (hey girl!) were discussing her trying it yesterday and it got me in the mood for one big time!

Here is my version with added protein powder
Banana Protein Smoothie
300 calories
One banana
One scoop of Jillian Michael's Natural Whey Protein Powder-Vanilla Cream Shake
One cup of 1% milk
Obviously you can use any type of protein powder or milk.  In fact, you can do like Stacey and just cut up and freeze the banana and not use ice.  I used a regular banana though because I didn't have any frozen and just used ice. 
Put all ingredients into a blender and blend!
It makes two huge servings for 300 cals TOTAL, yall this TOTALLY filled me up and was DELICIOUS!!!!  Stacey puts whipped cream on hers and thats what Im doing tommorow!!
So to go along with the shake I had an egg white with cheese hot sauce and salsa.
380 cals
This total also includes coffee and creamer I had early this morning!
Like my cupcake cup? :)
Lunch was one of my favorite lean cuisines!
440 cals
This is the asian potstickers.  I also had a costco egg roll with it. SOO yummy.
Later on I had my desert!
110 cals
Oreo pudding cup!
Then for dinner...oh man dinner was sooo good!
520 cals
We had the angus burgers from costco, with sauteed onions and mushrooms on top, rice, fat free cream of mushroom soup as gravy on top and green beans.
SO GOOD! I totally scarfed it down.
You could do this with turkey meat or any ground beef if you dont go to costco, just cook you a patty and top it with yummy goodness!! Its even good with ketchup if you dont have a "gravy" and probably steak sauce too.
Then we got an invitation from my sweet parents to watch a movie at their house!
So off we went!
90 cals
On the way over there I had one of these from my Christmas stocking :)
And then I also had 2 hershey kisses (not pictured, lol) 45 cals
At moms I had some popcorn popped in a paper bag.  If you dont know how to do that you can watch my video I made on it here.
Its so yummy!! So that was about 100 cals. 
I still have cals left on MFP! Woot woot!!
Have a good night my dears!!!


  1. Are those your jammie pants? The best thing about visiting parents? You can be comfy! :) Sounds like you had a great day!!!!

    1. Yes they are!! hehe oh yes I always show up at the rent's house looking like a bum!! hahaha

  2. Love the cupcake cup and I am going to have to try those Lean Cuisine pot stickers they look great! I am so proud of you for getting in those early workouts. How do you drag yourself out of the bed in the morning?

    1. please do they are sooo good girl!! haha how do i drag myself out of bed? well...this morning i sooo didnt want to and i didnt even have to workout because i have kickboxing tonight! but i KNOW i have a few minutes to read my Bible and drink COFFEE and its much better than knowing i have to get up and rush around and be crazy, I can enjoy the morning and that helps me get up. Also I have to be in bed by like 10:30 LOL!!

  3. You always do so good girl! All your food always looks super yummy! :)

  4. The cup is wicked cute, girl! And I am so trying the banana smoothie -- thanks for the recipe. Gonna check out your brown bag popcorn video too as that'd be fun to make w/ my little girl. :)

    Hope you have a great day and as always thank you for being you!!

    1. Aww you are so sweet Katie!! And thanks I love that cup!!! Im getting a bit obsessed with all things cupcake...hahah, oh well! Yes do make the popcorn its sooo delicious, I use spray butter on mine and it makes it taste like movie popcorn which i LOVE! :)

  5. Holla! I need to tell my mom about that protein powder! How many cals are in a scoop? She could really use some extra protein in her diet because she doesn't eat meat & protein promotes healing. The nurse told her when she had her last bad bone infection that the more protein she could get in, the better/quicker she would heal. Anyway, those angus burgers from costco always look so good! Are they pre-cooked? I never get to have hamburger steak because my dear hubby doesn't like it lol. He likes hamburgers but not hamburger steak for some reason.

    1. aww girl just make him a hamburger and you eat the patty and just put your toppings on it hehe!! yes its pre cooked i heat it in the skillet though! its got 100 calories in a scoop and its DELICIOUS only 3g of sugar! Its really cheap too only like 10 bucks at walmart!

  6. What do you think about that protein powder?? like can you tell its in there? is it gritty or slimy or fake tasting? I'm on the search girl!!

    Great blog post. again, i love all these pictures you post :) I come here just to see what you ate...haha seriously!!

    1. haha awww thanks honey!! :) im glad you like! The protein powder-its really very good. I had a chocolate one of hers too and its either gone or almost gone. It's not really gritty at all esp if you have a lot of liquid in with it...doesnt taste fake tastes like a banana milkshake lol. It feels like im drinking something unhealthy LOL 10 bucks at walmart only 3g sugar, cant beat it


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