Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taco Salad Night & Hungry all day

Hey loves!

Sorry this post is up SO stinkin late, I had a late night last night!

We had taco salad night and my bestie came over to eat!

Anyways I will get right to it...

Now first let me say I hit 30 lbs LOST officially on saturday!!! I think I was at 176.4!!!! Amazed I tell you!!

I did pretty good this weekend but yesterday I was ragin with emotions and cravings!! UGH I started off great but totally let PMS get the best of me.  HOWEVER I still tried to make " good" choices! LOL...you will see...

Woke up 7am, gym bag packed ready to go, however I was an hour LATE.  FAIL.

Ok breakfast was a winnerrrrr (haha) !

Blackberries, egg and cheese on english muffin with nonfat vanilla yogurt!
Lunch was good STILL!
I cant get the pic to upload on my phone so I will insert it tonight when I get home to my dear Wifi!
But it was an aldi's frozen spaghetti meal and a side salad. 
Nice, good cals...good choice.
I even had a FREE chick sandwich at Chick fila that I gave to hubs because I didnt want to mess up my eating LOL.
Ok SO then I got hungry and mad about something at the same time...hmm funny how much our feelings are tied to our eating habits.
I felt like I didnt get enough protein in lunch though, I should have had at least an egg on my salad.
SO, I went through the Mcdonald drive through! UGH!
However I ONLY got a grilled chicken snack wrap and diet coke, because lets face it, its monday and I need all the caffiene I can get.  I was suprised and happy to find it was only 1.59 for the wrap and 190 cals if you get it WITHOUT DRESSING OR CHEESE.  Which is what I did, I put a pack of ketchup on it.
THEN later at work I got snacky again for a SWEET.
I was hungry ALL the REST of the day!!!
Yall sometimes I have days where I can ignore cravings and not even GET them, not even be really hungry but some days, espically PMS ones, I get ravenous!!!
But in real Lauryn-fashion I am going to show you the good, bad and the ugly lol.
Yes that would be a peanut butter twix in my grubby little hand.  Just looking at this makes me want another one but Im not gonna!!!!!
I picked it, besides the brownies, muffins and reese STICKS in the vending machine because I could see the cals were 250.  Not great but not AWFUL either.  The other items I wanted, I couldn't see cals on...I could only imagin the calorie horror. Haha. Also this had peanut butter which I thought would be more filling.
I ate it in like 2 seconds, but whatever.
Then I drove 30 mins and got home and decided I could use an oatmeal pie, 140 cals.  Fabulous.
After all, dinner takes a while to cook, doesnt it.
DINNER was a winneeerr again.
Baked taco shell!! My friend got me this thing you put a regular tortilla in and bake in the oven and it makes a shell!!!  Mex rice and beans with cheese on them.

Then my naughty bestie insisted we get ice cream.  Yes I am going to admit this even though I dont want to and you will all think I am a fatty but I want you to know iam still CONCIOUS and trying to make good decisions.

I got a ice cream bad that was called Moooo or something. Haha.  It was cheap, 50 cent and low cal, 170.  Hubs was like 210, but I got the less calorie one!!

Well its not a victory but its better than diving head first into a big mac and some ben and jerrys.

Have a great day loves!!! See you again tonight!!!


  1. Ohhh I have to find the thing to make the taco bowls. Do you know where she got it? I love taco salad. Girl I was thinking about an oatmeal pie the other day...we are so alike! No one if perfect missy and your doing so great....30lbs is amazing!

    1. aww thanks honey!! the taco bowls i think i have seen at walmart!! with the AS SEEN ON TV junk! But I will ask her to make sure! Ah i love me an oatmeal pie...dolla store girl!!! haha 8 for a dollar. SO BAD!! lol

  2. Sheila I got it from bed bath and beyond for 10.00 and it comes with 4. I have seen them at walmart too :) Lauryn you made such a good choice by getting to lowest calorie thing in there and you made me resist the giant king size snickers bar!! Today is a new day :) love you!! April

    1. awww thanks bestie!!! you are so sweet!!! i love you!!!


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