Thursday, January 17, 2013

To snow or not to snow?

Ohhhh it was so hard to pry my little eyes open this morning!!

I tell you what...I wanted more sleep SO bad. 

But I really really am trying to get into a routine.  I didnt like healthy eating and exercize either at one time..but once you do something and you see results it sticks!

And honestly I love having everything over and done with by the time I get home from work so I can relax!

Case in point being TONIGHT, after we had rain and freezing coldness all day, its 6pm, dark, and I finally get to leave work.  LOVE me some kickboxing but I didnt want to go for NOTHIN tonight. 

My Bestie of course nagged me like a good friend does...even mocked me "what are you going to tell your bloggers?" LOL.  She is so naughty.

It did the trick though. 

Didn't want to let you all down :)  Plus I have been on such a good workout streak this week! 

Ok, so breakfast was the same as yesterday!

395 cals
Then I did a little re-arranging my office today, I was in a big organizing mood for some reason. 
I think my boss was just happy I picked up a crap ton of files off the floor :)
Let me know if yall want to see a pic one day muwahah.
Ok anyways!
Lunch was randomness off the top of my head when I realized I had no frozen meal to take.
Scratch that!
I had HALF a frozen meal haha.
200 cals
These little lean cuisine fijita roll ups are sooo good.
235 calories
A can of tuna, drained, add one tbsp light mayo, mustard and cut up dill pickle chips, salt n peppa.
With some saltines. 
Later on I got snacky and haungry so I had some more saltines with my peanut buttah that I keep in mah drawer :)
171  cals
After the sweaty gym I came home and had yakisoba!
810 cals
With rice and egg roll.  I didnt count the sweet chilli sauce i dont think it has very many cals nor did i count the pickles in my tuna ha. 
I ate about 311 calories back from my workout cals but kickboxing for 1 hr burns a ton so I think I will be good to go!
Ok they are calling for snow tonight but I highly doubt it. 
I mean, it's North Carolina, come on people...I dont think we have seen snow in like 2 years?
I plan to get up per usual and go to the gym!
Wherever you are stay safe and warm!
But dont forget...bikini season will be here before we know it!


  1. Hahahahaha I knew my trick would work about your blog. I am so happy you came and proved me wrong. I forgot how good those lean cusine roll things are. I used to eat them all the time. Love you!! April

    1. haha you trickster!!! lol i love you sooo muchooo!!!! yes you need to get you some LC 's gurrrrl.

  2. I bought the LC pot stickers tonight. Never had pot stickers. Then I bought Chung's egg rolls so I could have one on the side. I am interested in trying this out! Probably will be Saturday before I do. Anywho, good for you for getting on up and starting your day! Read my blog - I did NOT do that. hahaha WTG on kickboxing, too! I need to get my knee all better so I can start walking. Man, I just want to jog so bad but I physically can't with my knee. Bummer! Enjoy Friday!

    1. YAYYYY i think you will like them a lot!!!! :) I hate that you cant jog girl that totally bums me out when i have foot issues and what not, it just makes me want to be active MORE isnt that crazy. Well speaking of mornings hubs totally beat me to the punch this morning i was so tired lol

  3. Hope you don't get snow... Or maybe you wouldn't have to go to work since you all aren't used to it. Lol let us know! Have a good weekend!

    1. hahah we got snow FLAKES that didnt really stick. We had more frosty ice than normal but thats about it lol. Yes people love freaking out about it here !! haha although ONE time like 10 years ago when i was living at home, maybe 12 yrs we got a HUGE storm, power out for like a week and a tree SPLIT in our backyard!!! LOL craziness!

  4. Yes we would love to see a pic. I am so OCD so I can't stand stuff laying around my desk. It's funny though because some of our attorneys here have their office looking a hot mess. It's funny to see different people's work areas. Good job on keeping up with your workouts. I know it's hard especially when it's cold/rainy/snowy. Did you get much snow there? We only got a tiny bit. Not enough to keep me home like I was hoping. Have a great weekend and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks girlie!! UGH we got snowflakes that dissapeared on the wet ground pretty much LOL everything was "frosty" this morning and icy but thats it. BORING lol! I will totally take a pic soon!! Maybe today, oh and hun Im so sorry I went to mail your calendar wednessday and I left ur address sitting on my desk on a sticky note, FAIL so it was mailed today LOL but you should get it asap sweets!!! Have a fantastic weekend!!! :) Oh and we saw the duke game on last night and i told hubs, my friend is there!!! hehe

  5. New Follower!
    Just came across your site. Love all the pictures of the meals. I haven't seen the fajita rolls before but they look delicious! I will have to try and find some of them.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. thanks so much girl!!!! :) you have to try them they are sooo good!!!

  6. Oh I have to start looking for the frozen dinners you have :) I need to put some extra things in my freezer for days that I'm in a rush or have nothing in the fridge!


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