Saturday, January 5, 2013

Let them Eat Cake

Hey loves!!!

I have had a pretty good saturday and now I am lounging at home in my pj's...its about time for bed.

My day has been pretty busy!

This morning I had to head into work and got out at like 12:30 and finally made it to my brother's going away party.  He leaves tommorow morning to go into basic training for the United States Marines :)

Breakfast was a quick one, I was trying to get out of work in a hurry today!

290 cals
Pretty good but really high in cals, prob the pistachios.  But I liked it!
Then for lunch at showmars (for the brothers party) my sweet parents bought my lunch!  I got the grilled chicken pita with sauce on the side (only used a little).  I got them to ADD onion and pickle and I had a baked potatoe with two pats of butter.   Not bad when all they serve is really unhealthy food.
I also had a small piece of his cake.
lunch=683 cals
I just started my TOM at work so if I look fat and bloated and uncomfortable, thats why.
Say bye bye to that long hair bro! hehe
This is what I get when I ask for a picture.
Thanks bro.
Then I went shopping!
Came home and got ready to go eat again at my great aunt and uncles 60th anniversary.  They also happen to be my landlord at the moment, at least until we move out feb 1st.
The food was catered and it was delicious.
Forgot to count that sweet tea. DANG IT.
Anyways I only had one glass and in my defense it wasnt very sweet.
AND further in my defense it was that or water and I just splurged. Whatever.
Salad with a bit of ranch drizzled on, a roll, two pats of butter, grilled chicken, tiny portion of cubed steak, mashed taters, and green beans.  See how much green beans I have?
I tried to get a lot of that and take smaller meat portions.
Yeah I could have totally ate another roll but I was satisfied and not starving and didnt need it.
Now here comes the part where you will all gasp !
I had a piece of cake.
People who are on a diet arent supposed to eat cake!!
Who said anything about a diet?
And this my friends, is why some people throw in the towel. 
 I think this has a lot to do with how I have been able to keep moving ahead.
They think oh my goodness I have had two pieces of cake today!!
Thats two trillion calories!!!
Not really.
I did some walking today and added all my food into myfitnesspal and came in under calorie. 
Now, do I know those were exact measurments?
 No. I dont.  But I tried.  And I will probably come out pretty close.
And I feel like its a good day and I dont have to beat myself up over cake.
I will never give it up.
I am going to make this liveable and have cake.
And not beat myself up at parties because there is cake and I am so mad because Im fat and cant have any or I will ruin my diet!
Just watch everything else you eat!
Every thing you drink!!
Get activity in!!
Its called BEING HEALTHY!!!!
I will have my piece of cake and eat it too!!
And I savored both of those pieces today. 
They were so good.
I am a foodie and it makes me happy to experience and try and enjoy and savor food.
I just cant eat at ton of it, and other crappy food and not workout.
Dinner + Desert=793 cals
Now, did I have blackberry and apple cobbler too? Like everyone else did?
I stuck to my one piece of cake that I REALLY wanted.
And it was a SMALL piece much to my dissapointment (and relief) haha.
Both pieces were small.
And then, did I have that peanut butter and jelly sandwich I wanted tonight?
 No, I drank Tazo passion tea with splenda.
SO please guys, the next time you are at a get together, dont deprive yourself, just LIMIT yourself. 
I love you all :)
Good night!


  1. Does look like a small piece, bummer! LOL I hope your brother doesn't read your blog. Poor guy... last pic with sis with the caption of starting her period. Hahaha :) Hope your brother does well!!!

    1. hahah I would probably have to PAY him to read it!!! LOL so no prob there im sure hahaha too funny i didnt even think about that!!! LOL Thanks Staci!! I think he will be good. He is a great kid. He will spend tommorow morning volunteering at his church and then the marines pick him up at three. Great guy lol

  2. I could not agree with you more. I think you cannot completely deprive yourself or you will definitely fail. You just have to eat those things in moderation. So glad you guys had a good send off for your brother. I know it's hard to see him go but you have to be so proud of him. And I have to tell you that the egg in the microwave has changed my life. Yes I know something so simple and stupid but it's the little things for me. This gives me much more super quick options for breakfast. Thanks ;0)

    1. hahaha you are so cute!!! im so glad its changed your life LOL~!!! And yes maam, we gotta have our cake sometime!!! :) Yes we are so proud of him, I got to see him sworn in today!!!

  3. This was a long one! Moteration is a tough one for me, im all or nothin'..i will learn sometime, some day.

    1. LOL i know!! I know girl I used to be the same way, I thought I had failed if I had one sliver of cake LOL but really its all about balance, just watch that calorie intake and you will be fine!!


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