Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thumbs UP, Thumbs DOWN

Thumbs UP to having internet at work this morning so I can write this post!

Thumbs DOWN to moving ALL last night not being able to blog.

Thumbs UP for a great breakfast yesterday morning!

Thumbs DOWN to hubby having to move without me yesterday :(

Thumbs UP to hubby having to move without me yesterday ;)..hehe

Thumbs DOWN to a lunch that left me HUNGRY.

Thumbs UP to it tasting yummy :)

Thumbs DOWN to Hubs calling telling me my collector barbies fell off the truck and trailer.

Thumbs UP to him FINDING them and them being ok. LOL.

Thumbs UP to meeting hubs and the cousin at Wendy's!

Thumbs DOWN to getting a "snack" of chicken nuggets.

Thumbs UP to seeing my grandma and aunts at the post office, quite randomly!

Thumbs DOWN to STILL being hungry and eating a 90 calorie smores snack thingy before I left work. (recycled pic)

Thumbs UP to getting SUBWAY when Hubs and me had already planned to eat little cesars pizza!!!


Thumbs DOWN to be getting a footlong, which attacked my stomach soon after I ate it.

Thumbs UP to me eating it without chips.

Thumbs DOWN to moving everything in the freezing FREEZING cold last night by ourselves.

Thumbs UP to burning lots of calories!!

Thumbs DOWN to a box full of my perfumes (including my new 3.5 oz Viva La Juicy) FALLING and CRASHING in a parking lot.

Thumbs UP...WAYYYYY UP to them NOT breaking!!! (Thank YOU, Lord!)

Thumbs DOWN to me being starving after 3 hours of packing/moving and getting a KING SIZE rice krispy treat at the QT.

Thumbs UP to it not being a King Size Reese. 

Thumbs DOWN to us having to UNLOAD everything in the Dark and Freezing cold once we got to the house.

Thumbs WAY UP to getting a good night's sleep in out beautiful new place. 

Thumbs WAY WAY WAY UP for having SUCH a hardworking, loving, precious husband that works till midnight moving everything without complaining. 

Have a great day loves!!  No internet in the new house till Friday hopefully.  But I will try to pop in at work and still do posts regularly!!

p.s. even MOVING is NOT an excuse to get a biscuit!!  Dug breakfast out of boxes this morning baby!!

And trust me, I drive by a Bojangles and that used to be my kryptonite!!! Not NO moE!!



  1. Cute post today. I was surprised to see you post this morning but happy ;0). I know you and your honey worked your butt off last night and it was freeeeezing! Glad you are moved though and the hardest part is over. Look at you digging out breakfast this morning and making good choices. Girl, I'm telling you...Bojangles is hard to resist. I have to fight that fight every morning on the way to work so I am so proud of you.

    1. thanks girl!!! hehe oh yess bojangles was a HUGE weakness for me. I used to get the chicken filet biscuit and borounds like EVERY morning a few years ago, with a DIET coke of course! hahahah But I just have to keep on drivin haha.

  2. A Rice Krispies treat is pretty harmless. With all that goes on with moving, looks like you had a great day. I can't stand days where I starve all day. Ugh! Too bad you couldn't have taken some days off work to get unpacked and organized! :(

    1. I know, I hope I burned some serious cals....i know i wish i could have taken more off but I would loose hours, but i did get saturday off completley! yay!!

  3. Words cant express how much I miss Bojangles (Borounds!!) Yay for moving and not having to do any manual labor.

    Are the flatbreads at Subway good? I debate getting one when I go but never follow through and fall back on my whole wheat go to.

    1. Yes girl they are so good!! I usually dont get them but I did latley and they are only 20 more cals per 6 inches than 9 grain wheat bread i think...but they taste delicious! And yess GIRL bojangles!! LOL I havent had it in FOREVER!!! its like crack though...hahah i know i will want more if i have even a taste! lol

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