Friday, January 18, 2013

Fortune Cookie Friday

Hola chickas!!!

Its friiiiiiiiiiiiiiday!  Ok and in case you have been panged with curiousity all day long wondering whether or not we had snow......well I hate to tell ya, but it was a big FAT let down.

Haha.  We had sleet.

We had rain.

We had snow FLAKES.

But nothing really stuck, we just had a much fluffier whiter sheet of ice covering everything today LOL. 

Anyways I woke up & decided since it was dark and icy that I would do a workout DVD.

Cool, right?

Well hubs was super productive latley and has boxed all of them up to move.


So, I looked up some random videos on youtube to do. AND LET ME TELL you I am feeling it tonight!!!  I could barely bend down to pick up a towel tonight.  My inner thigh is ah hurrrtin.

This one was hard.  And it sucked.  And I discovered what exactly burpees are. 
And I discovered I cannot do more than like one.
I did find a cool kickboxing video though, that you can watch here.
It was really fast, but gave me a good workout and wasnt too unplesant!
Plus those girls are funny LOL.
Anyways, they had like a 3 min dance cardio video I did too. 
I was hungry before I left to go to work so I had two waffles (using up freezer foods), they are my aldis fit and active ones.
Ok I just realized I am too tired to mess with posting calories, refer to MFP lol sorry guys!
Later at work I had some egg whites and cheese.
I really REALLY wanted lunch out today but I need to eat what we have and not waste food, ALSO I need to not waste MONEY.  So I brought a sandwich.
Plus I knew we were eating out tonight so that helped! Ha.
First time all week, I have eaten from a restaurant ! YAY!
Including fast food....
Oh yeah I had a caramel iced coffee when I was running errands today!
We went to Red Bowl and both got the bento box.  Mine has sesame chicken, white rice ( i never order fried anymore ), a spring roll, and I sub sushi for a side salad with ginger dressing on the side.
I love bento boxes because they have great portion control and you get a little bit of everything!
I didnt eat all the rice and almost couldnt finish the chicken!
Oh we also had a potsticker appitizer before our food got out! We had three each. 
And to go with my food I dipped some in some shrimp sauce. 
It was really yummy!
Oh...then I had a fortune cookie...which told me I was going on a vacation.
Hahah wonder where to?
I have to say if I could so anywhere in the world it would probably be Paris.
Gelato, Eiffle tower, fresh baked bread, macroons, and a starry sky <3
Where would you go?


  1. Oh I think I'd go back to the British Virgin Islands :)
    Hey what's your name on MPF?? I'm spunkysuzi :) Feel free to add me.

  2. Hmmmm..... to the ocean somewhere, during a time when there is like no one there. I would just sit and listen to waves roll in. Ahhhh. :)

  3. I would go to Helen Ga. I accidentally discovered this place and have wanted to visit there ever since! Google it! I want to go stay in one of the mountain cabins with the heart shaped Jacuzzi! It just looks like a cool place to visit/vacation. Plus, it's different.

  4. Your eats look delish!

  5. Burpees are a killer! I hate when those show up in my workout plan. Lol good job on getting that workout in!


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