Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That's much better

Hey heyyyyyy!

Today was a better day than yesterday I am happy to report!  There were no drive throughs or vending machines involved :) holaaaaaerrr!

Ok so breakfast ...was FREE from subway!

*Please refer to MFP tonight for cals, I am so tired yall!! Im sorry :(

I got a 3 inch flatbread egg ham and cheese with NO egg.  Yogurt with blackberries!!

Those blackberries have been sooo good and they were dirt cheap at aldis this week.

Lunch was great!  Pickle, deli ham mustard, cheese on whole wheat with a bit of lettuce, chips for 130 cals, and a 50 cal fruit cup!
140 cals
For desert. 
Hey, I didnt say anything about being perfect haha.
This book is SO FAR amazing!! I got it at the library and I am loving it!!!
Later on tonight, I had a lance cracker thing before I left work..
no pic sorry I was in the middle of dealing with like 20 mill different crisis's.  LOL.
Then I went to kickboxing!!
My sweet Mama made me a turkey panini thing with cheese on it and it was SOOO good and I had chips and salsa, which these new cantina chips mom keeps buying are sooo stinkin awesome.  Taste like mex restaurant chips for reals!!
Then for desert....
Three for 130 cals
So I did great today and with kickboxing had plenty of cals left over. 
I took me a nice bubble bath with my stress releif from bath and body works hubs got me for Christmas and I used my lotion and it smells so nice and fresh and minty, I love it.
I am now sipping on Honey chammomile tea with splenda and fixing to call it a night! 


  1. I just started reading that book too! Now I'm obsessed with the sugar content in everything. Lol!

    1. I know girl me too!!! I have been looking at it too, I just told my hubs we are going to start cutting it out, or trying to!!

  2. Ok so tell me about the book. With school I never have time to read but maybe when the semester is over. I swear you always make me so hungry when I see your meals everyday.

    1. Girl the book is soo good, it teaches you about hormones and how we have three ones that make you skinny and 4 that make you fat and we need to balance them and basically eat healthy and watch sugar, sugar is so bad for us :( its a really good book, i will let yall know more when i read more!

  3. I just ordered that book at my library :) Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Yay suzi!!! let me know your thoughts on it too!!

  4. I love the flatbread from Subway and you got it for free! Even better!!

    1. Girl they are sooo good!! Yes our subways right now are giving them away free for breakfast if you register and reserve it online!


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