Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A present & Starbys


Well today was offically the end of the holidays and back to work!

I was NOT in the mood to go to work this morning, I didnt sleep very well and it was rainy dark and cold outside!

But off to work I went anyway.

Breakfast was a WIN at least!

Egg cooked in the microwave with a little sprinkled cheese on top inside of an english muffin with coffee and ff half and half
240 cals
My sweet co worker made my day a little brighter though and brought me a belated Christmas present!
Frosted cupcake candle that smells good enough to EAT!!!!
Then lunch was pretty YUM as well.
Asian potstickers lean cuisine with an eggroll and weight watchers magazine :)
440 cals
Then I had to run a ton of errands so I got me a little treat when I ran in target to pick up some medicine :)
130 cals
Grande skinny caramel latte
It was sooo good.  And I had a gift card thanks to my sweet sis in law! So it was free !!
I actually did GOOD today, I spent ONLY the money for things I needed health wise at target, (medicine must haves at the moment), nothing extra.  No dollar bins, no elf products, NOTHING! yay! 
So then I came back to work and worked for a while longer. 
When I got home I cooked some grilled chicken tenderloins in the skillet with taco seasoning and put them on a salad with lettuce, tortilla chips, bell peppers, onion, corn, rice, salsa (my uncles homemade which is DA-bomb!) And to top it off I made an AMAZING southwest salsa with basically one tbsp ranch dressing and 2 tbsp salsa. SO GOOD!  Also added a sprinkle of cheese.
everything total was around 500 cals
Then I still had calories left and had one of these babies :)
Confetti Cupcake poptart 200 cals
I have not been feeling well so I did not workout today which really disapoints me because i cant wait to use my new ipod shuffle!!
I hope you cuties had a great hump day !!


  1. I just bought that weight watchers mag because she was on the cover? And then all it was inside was a couple of pages that she didn't write, with some quotes mixed in. I was disappointed! Also. You have awesome coworkers. That candle looks like it'd smell yummy.

    1. I know girl! There isnt hardly anything about her in it! boo! lol The content in it was better than it normally is though, which was a suprise LOL. And yes my co worker is so sweet! Cupcakes are my THING! LOL

  2. I know what you mean...I did not want to come back to work! Anyway I am here and feeling really good about getting my weight loss journey back on track after last night's class. They have a kickboxing option too and I thought about trying that but am not sure. How was it the first time you tried it? Did it kill you? That dinner looks so are so creative.

    1. LOL thanks girl you are so sweet!! I would ask your gym what exactly the kickboxing involves, because my class is more cardio based (think zumba) and we kick/punch to music...but we also had a fill in instructor who was more hardcore about real kickboxing, and she was a bit tougher, but if you can do boot camp i am sure you can handle kickboxing!! Just try it for me :) hehehe

    2. Anything for you! I have to let my arms get unsore and I am going back. I will see when the next kickboxing class is and let know. Oh yeah I love your New Years video!

    3. hahah thanks hun!! very spur of the moment decision to whip it out and film! lol yes definetly try kickboxing and let me know how your class is!! :)

  3. It has been FOREVER since I had a pop tart. Yummy! I love the frosted cinnamon ones. :)

    1. i know girl!!! they were a Christmas present from mom since im into cupcakes now LOL but they are delicious even though its hard to only have one!!! My fave is the chocolate on chocolate, MAN i ate the mess out of those when i was a kid!!!


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