Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lunch Date!

Hey hey Happy friday eve my loves!

Breakfast was on the road this morning, hubs had a flat tire so I had to carpool with him into town this am.

He had a poptart while we discussed the subject of sugar content lol. 
Honestly I didnt count cals today but I still took pics and stayed in tune with my body!

It actually worked out that I got to eat lunch with hubs too!
We went to our fave mex restaurant!  I had the lunch fijitas, didnt eat all the tortillas or that sour cream.  The lunch is a much smaller portion than the dinner one.
Of course we had a bit of chips :)
So anyways I didnt eat again till almost four and I had one of these DANG OATMEAL PIES THAT IAM NOTTTTT BUYING AGAIN.
So then when I got home I had a pretty light dinner.
Had some chicken and wild rice soup with tuna salad on toast with 60 cal cheese and some crackers.
I also ate the rest of the tuna with crackers.  I put cut up banana peppers, jalepenos, and pickles with one tbsp light mayo and mustard, salt and peppaaaa and half of one boiled egg white.
For desert I had some light sliced peaches with a bit of whip cream on top.
Hoooo rayyyy for friday!!! 


  1. I think that fajita picture has made me hungry!! and it's only 9:15. boo. I bet it was dang good!! And I really like how creative you get with your tuna. Ima have to copy you :)

    1. Dooo itttt!!! hehe it was super good with the japs and banana could even add...duh duh duhhnnn!!!!----franks red hot!!! hehehe and girl you know how addicted to mexican food iam, getchu some!

    2. OMG that would probably be really good!!! On my to try list!!!!

  2. Those stinkin' oatmeal cream pies are the DEVIL, aren't they? Lol I never buy them, but sometimes when I go to Mom and Dad's they have them. And they buy the GIANT ones, not the normal people ones. Haha


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