Monday, January 21, 2013

Pizza Pasta Night!

Hello Hello!!!

I hope you all had a fantastic Monday...!!  Mine was fantastically spent at work, although I suspect some of you had off today for MLK Jr. day!

Well, today happend to be pretty great eating wise. 

I didnt wake up in time to go to the gym.


But that was the ONLY fail today ladies and gents!

Breakfast was a winnerrrrr.

25 cals
I know you all are super jelly of my cupcake soap in the background, thank you GRANDMA :)
I decided I needed me a hearty meal this am, so I fried up with some butter spray a few slices of turkey lunch meat and put on my egg white mcmuffin with half a slice of cheese. 
275 cals
Also had me a nannerrr.
Then I was pretty full till about 12:30 and I was ready for some lunch!!
Lunch was fab.
sammich w/mustard 1/2 slice of cheese and bit of turkey-90 ish cals
Leftover Cowboy Chicken chilli-117 cals
Later on I had me a birthday cake pudding.
120 cals
By the way, the sprinkles totally make it. 
In fact, I am considering topping everything with sprinkles.
Ok so then I found a little fun size m & m from Haller-ween that I had snuck in my purse for the movies this weekend, and forgot to eat. 
Red Dawn is a seriously good movie by the way, go check it out. 
Completley has nothing to do with the fact that Chris Hemsworth is in it.
Yeah...he's a Marine in that movie.
Makes me pretty happy Im gonna have me a marine brother in case shizz gets cray!
Ok so on to my PINTEREST dinner.
Yep, thank you Budget Savy Diva.
Yep, this dinner was pretty dope if I do say so myself.
I tweaked the recipe a bit. 
I sprinkled my veggies with pizza seasonings from my spice kit thingy while they were cooking. 
You don't have to do that though.
Also I used salt and peppa to taste.
Also I used a 15 oz can of pizza sauce.
And turkey pepperoni!
The cals came out to 384 for a FOURTH which is a giant serving.  Trust me, fat girl likes to eat.
And I used this pasta instead of the penne. 
This I got at Walmart and was recomended to me by my dear cousin ASHLEY!
Its sooo hearty and tasty!  And apparently lower in carbs?
I got it at walmart and it wasnt crazy expensive or anything, in fact I had a coupon!
Just look at that YUMMY goodness.
Your welcome.
Oh, hubs exact words, "I smell pizza"

It's a hubspleaser.
Salad about 150 cals
Aint that a purdy salad?
My portion showcased beside some moving boxed for your viewing pleasure. 
Then while parousing the net I snacked on me a little smores 90 calorie thingy from Aldis.
90 cals
I am really happy with my choices today!!!!
My birfday is commin in hott so I betta get ready for it, this girl wants to look SKINNAYYYYY this year!
Can I get a AMEN?


  1. Every time you say breakfast was a winnnneeerrrr like that, I always read wiener. I have NO CLUE WHY because it is plainly winner and not wiener. ROFL You seem extra spunky tonight in your post. Lol

    1. Bahaha I did too!!! I laughed when I read this comment because I had thought the same thing.

    2. Hey! sometimes i like to pronounce "winner" as "weeeeeiner" haha and yes i was in rare form last night!!! LOL u are too funny!!

  2. Your food is always sooooo good :)
    Also you've got me looking for everything that looks like a cupcake!!

    1. Awe thanks suzi!!!! haha i do the same thing!!! I love me some cupcake stuff!! hahah

  3. Doesn't that pasta taste exactly like regular pasta??? I fix my spaghetti sauce & mix it all in with rotini sometimes but Ronnie is a fan of regular spaghetti noodles so I use that for him. I will have to try the pizza pasta! Looks delish! I love the little cinnamon drizzle 90 cal bags of snacks from Aldi. I tried some of the Rachael Ray oatmeal today. I kept wondering why the Rachael Ray stuff was a different texture & not as mushy as other oatmeal & I compared the labels...the Rachael Ray oatmeal has just a bunch of whole grains & rolled oats & only a few other ingredients v/s the Walmart kind having all kinds of craziness added. I thought it was really good...just wish there was more of it lol! I have to eat fruit w/ oatmeal for it to be filling.

    1. Hey girl!!! Yes it does taste just like normal, if not better than normal pasta!! I seriously LOVED it!!! Yeah the rachel ray oatmeal has a different texture more hearty but yeah fruit on top totally helps, even peanut butter would be yummy!!!!

  4. I was gone this weekend but got my calendar and sweet card when I checked the mail yesterday!!! Thanks girlie it's so cute. I don't know why but I love calendars...I have way too many. I am going to put this one in my bathroom though like you suggested to help me keep track of my weight. Sounds like you had a great day with eating yesterday. When is your birthday?

    1. Haha aww yay!! Im glad you like it!! yes definetly put it in the bathroom like meee!! you will think of me every morning hahaha!!! Yes it was a good day yesterday and i think today it pretty good too!!! My bday is march 5th :)

    2. Either she will think of you or cupcakes. LOL If the poor woman starts running out every day to buy cupcakes we'll all blame it on you! :) Hehehee I think I will get myself a broccoli calendar. If you find one, mail it to me! ROFL

    3. bahahah!! that is hilarious!!!! please dont get REAL ones!! LOL and broccoli calendar!!! YES please!! haha i will totally send you one if i EVER see one!! lol

  5. Sprinkles on everything, great idea :)

  6. I love what Skinny on Staci said about the broccoli calendar!! I think that is a great idea, because if it makes you think of it, then you want it. lol Great idea Staci. Lauryn, the pasta looks wonderful!!!
    Love you, yo Mama!

  7. I love Budget Savvy Diva! And I totally put off that kind of stuff because I really don't like penne, but I love Rotini, that is a good choice!


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