Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hungry Hippo

Do yall remember that game?

Hungry, Hungry HIPPOooos! lol

Well that is how I have felt.

All day.

HONESTLY hungry. Not bored hungry. In tune with my body and ravenous.

Dont know why. Maybe my body is in shock that its not on vacation anymore LOL.


Breakfast was an old faithful.

Lean pocket Breakfast: Sausage egg and cheese
180 calories
I used to eat these ALL the time. So quick and good and cheap only like 74 cent or something at walmart.
Then I was HUNGRY at like 10 something so I had a cheese stick
70 calories
Is that not the CUTEST Tervis tumbler EVER?
They were having a FANTASTIC black friday sale so me and hubs picked some up for us and a marine one for my brother for Christmas.
That was lemonade crystal light in it. So good. I have been loving it today.
Deli chicken sandwich with dijonaise on walmart brand wheat bread with baked bbq chips from aldis and a 50 cal peach cup.
Bread=120 cals/meat=50 cals/chips=120 cals
ALSO i was still HUNGRY so I had a 100 cal pack
Then around 4 ish I got HUNGRY again and made prob the best choice out of the crap food in the vending machine and got a bag of goldfish.
200 cals
I had SO many empty calories today...NOT happy about that. So I made dinner a hearty one.
Salmon burger=170/green beans=60 cals probably -I bet I had aa cup and a half
Rice was probably a cup and a half prob 320 cals (too many i know) and then a cup and half of hoppin john 240 cals
I ate a lot for dinner, but it was all healthy except the rice, which is probably better for me than a lot of alternatives so I am not upset, I listened to my body and I am not going to have a desert tonight I am full.
I am so excited because my cousin just joined my fitness pal and we are supposed to go walking in the morning! Stoked!!
I love having new fitness buddies and if you want to be my friend on MFP my name is lauryn86 just friend me and mention in a msg that you are from the blog, you dont have to, but i like to know :)
And to answer a sweet reader of mine, I LOVED the PB and J lara bar!!! I would definetly repurchase it and it has sweet and nutty/salty i loved it.
Have a good night beautiful people!


  1. Hungry days stink! What is hoppin John? At first I thought that was macaroni and tomatoes, an old childhood fave my mom made, but it looks like black eyed peas and tomatoes???

    1. haha i know girl!!! Hoppin john is a can (from walmart) part of the margaret something line ..and its basically black eyed peas, tomatoes, jalepenos or dieced chillis, something like that but its SUPER good, Ill show a pic of the can when I repurchase it!!

  2. Yum. The Lara bar sounds good. Might have to look into that. I was a Hungry Hippo today too. funny, I call my kids that :)

    1. Definetly try the Lara bar it was so yummy and filling!

  3. Don't sweat it girlie we all have days where we feel like we could eat absolutely everything in sight! I eat the lean pockets for lunch but haven't thought about the breakfast ones..that's a good option. I am always trying to find things I can grab and fix at work. Oh and do you get the salmon patties from Costco? I have been doing so bad but am trying to get it together today. I am just going to take it hour by hour which is all I think I can do today.

    1. Thats right girl...I went over my calories but i was genuinely hungry so I am ok with that! YEs the salmon burgers are SO good and from costco! They have lasted us seriously for ever but i feel like i eat them all the time! Its great for me bc I dont like cooking fish very often and its basically pre made and ready to heat and eat!

  4. Replies
    1. hahah thanks Leeann!! (I hope i spelled your name right! lol)

  5. Aww, don't worry about the hungry day -- we all have those sometimes and honestly you still ate very well. Glad to hear about the PBJ Larabar -- thank you! :)

    You rock girl!

    1. You are SO welcome!! It was so good you seriously need to give it a try!! :) ANd thank you!!

  6. I am having a Hungry Hippo day, today!! I can not get full!! I love the Tumbler! So cute!! I don't know if I know how to add people to MFP (terrible I know) But you can add me.... ahaley2

    1. haha thanks girl!i know i hate that feeling!!! yes i will totally try to find you !!! :)

  7. My kids used to play that all the time and it was so noisy!! Yep those kind of days suck.

  8. I have felt like that today! I had a "cheat meal" at lunch and I regretted it the second I took a bite! Lesson learned and moving on!

    1. LOL i know what you mean girl!! Its sooo hard!!

  9. Totes had the same breakfast this morning. Yummy! And those aldi's chips are VERY good!


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