Friday, November 2, 2012

Early Anniversary Present!!

Happy Friday my lovelies!!

Today has been fantastic!!!!

I am also pleased to report despite feeling like POO this morning I got my hiney up at the crack of dawn and nearly froze driving to the gym. SO DIDNT WANT TO GO.  But I got in my hour with Mr. Treadmill. Yes I did. 307 cals torched.

Breakfast was a flat out wrap with : Turkey sausage crumbles, cheese and egg with Franks Red Hot sauce

Flat out=90,sausage=35, egg=70, cheese=40 calories
Lunch was a sweet onion chicken sub and broccoli and cheddar soup and I had a crazy lunch time and forgot to take a pic :(
Empty bowl :)
Sub=410 soup=180 calories
For a snack I had a cheese stick=60 and 5 ritz reducded fat crackers=70
Then I came home...and HUBBY could barely contain his excitement.
This anniversary present he has been sneaking around getting for me FINALLY came in and he was like a kid at Christmas.
He was like..."Do you want it now?"
I was like..."Um ok" :) heheeh
He was all worried that I wouldnt like it because its not a traditional anniversary present.
Pshhh. Whatever.
This thing is BOSS.
I named her Rose.
Her other name is a Walther P 22.
Freakin awesome.
See, me and hubs have a little gun range hobby.
Except his gun is big and has an HORRIBLE kick back for lil ole me.
This girl is perfect.
I could NOT be happier.
I cant wait to get my concealed carry permit!
But do NOT worry.
We are extreemly careful and always keep them in a case. 
Gun safety is and should be a #1 priority. 
This is me shooting his gun at our shooting range.
I love that we love doing this together.

And ladies, there is something awesome about knowing how to shoot a gun and not being AFRAID of guns because you dont know how to use them. 
After all my excitement we went to Red Bowl to get some dinner and do some shopping for Mama's Bday tommorow!
Salad with ginger dressing =35 cals estimated due to ammt of dressing I used.
And sesame chicken with white rice
I ate estimated 343 cals of chicken and like 160 cals of rice I think?
We also had potstickers for an app and I had a spring roll. Check out MFP for further details. LOL.
I resisted a cupcake from the Sugar Shack when I went to get Mom's but I will probably eat one tommorow :) I plan on getting to the gym tommorow afternoon and a walk with mom. 
Have a good night lovelies!!!
What's the best present you ever recieved?


  1. Ohhhhh....I am kinda jealous of the gun. I've always wanted to go shooting and love all things pink! Thats awesome he got that for you and happy anniversary :)

  2. Thanks girl!!!! I have been eyeing them for a while!! He is very thoughtful!! :)

  3. If I had a gun, it would definitely be pink. Hubby would probably love me more if I would agree to get one. lol

    1. Haha girl you need to get one! I was scared at having one in the house a long time ago, but I am also by myself a lot when hubby is out of town and I feel so much safer with a gun in case I would have to use we got one and I discovered I actually like the sport of shooting at the range! LOL never thought i would care too much but its fun! AND YES PINK!! LOVE!!!

  4. I am SOOOOO jealous of your new pink gun! me and my hubby love going on dates to the driving range! We are like soul sisters! Happy Anni!!

    1. Haha thank you soul sista!!! LOL we totally LOVE it and he has so much fun teaching me gun things. How sneaky is he? Buying me a gun!! I was so stoked I had NO idea LOL!

  5. Love, Love, Love the pretty pink gun!!!!! I want one now!! LOL

  6. I got to spend some time shooting a bow and arrow at targets this weekend and it was FUN! I need a pink bow and arrow now, I guess. haha Happy anniversary! If you ever get super mad at him... he may regret getting you that. haha, kidding. :)


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