Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mom's White Apple Dip

Today my friends you are going to be introduced to one of the most delicious little concotions ever!!

But first you get to see all my food from today...arent you excited?!

I got up early this morning and met my cousin to walk again.  I burned 195 calories in 37ish minutes. Not too shabby.

Then I had my YUMMY Protein shake on the way to work.


This shake is DA BOMB DIGGITY.

Yes, I totally went all old school 1990's on you guys.

It is THAT good.

It's thick and has just the right ammount of sweet without tasting fake and nasty like some protein shakes do.  Or chalky nasty.

It was like vanilla bean goodness in a melty milkshake form. GREAT stats too!!

160 cals
I was SAD when it was gone.
You can get them at a Sam's club, supposing yours has them.  However they are a bit pricey :(
18.00 some odd dollars for 12.
But I plan on making them stretch for two weeks worth of breakfasts (M-Sat).
Cool deal?
Then at my desk I had a boiled egg mashed up with some dijonaise
75 calories
Later on I had a mid morning snack.
I got this at whole foods on our anniversary trip to fancy town a.k.a. south park area.  It was 230 calories of yummy goodness.  I think I may even like this better than Lara Bars!
It tasted kinda like a brownie too and soft, not hard and dried up like some protein bars, and it had a good sweetness to it, not a fake one.
And when lunch time rolled around I headed to aldis to get some chips my cousin had told me about.
These, on the other hand are cheapy goodness for all you Frugal Diva friends of mine :)
$1.79 a bag!
Vegetable chips 130 cals (about a cup) and Tuna salad 185 cals with onion and pickle chopped up which I didnt count cals for.
SO GOOD and filling.
I also had some cottage cheese with it- 90 cals.
Then I had a MOST delicious afternoon snack.
This is a concotion that my mother was telling me she has been eating with apples latley, although its so good you could probably dip your shoe in it and it wouldnt be so bad.
Ok gross. I was totally kidding. DO NOT DIP YOUR SHOE IN IT.
Anyways here is what you need:
Low fat cream cheese (1 TBSP) and marshmallow creme (2 TBSP)
This comes out to 80 calories. It makes enough to eat a WHOLE apple with.
I mixed together both of them. 
(You could also use less, like a teaspoon of each to cut the calories it would be the same)
Also if you use kraft not the aldis brand of marshmallow creme then its 75 cals :)

It is the yummiest marshmallow dip EVERRR!!!
You could also get those little 35 calorie pack of apples at like mcdonalds and it would be a 100 calorie snack!!! Boooo yah.
You are welcome.
Thanks Mom!
Anyways I was a slacker and didnt go to kickboxing tonight.

At least I did go to the gym once today though.
But dinner was amazzzzen.
Costco angus patty 280 cals/broccoli steamed about a cup and then 47ish cals of cheese on it/160 cals of rice and maybe about 50 cals in sauteed mushrooms and onions.
I had a very good on point day with my eating! SO THANKFUL!
I need to create another goal I think.  So I am going to set one for Christmas.
I want to be down another 5 lbs!
Hopefully more but we are not going to set our sights too high with Christmas parties, etc comming up. 

We are trying to survive and thrive!
Lets do this.
Have a good one! And go make you some apple dip!!
Oh and if you have children I know they would LOVE it, and a great way for them to eat their fruits! 


  1. Ok, I discovered those chips a few weeks ago and have been buying them every since. You know I love me some Aldi! I have a few questions about today...1. Do you track your protein? I see you had a protein bar and the shake today so just wondering how you feel about it...does it fill you up? 2. What does the apple dip taste like? It sounds soo good but I'm on the fence with the cream cheese plain like that so just wanted to get an idea of the taste before I make my trip to Aldi Saturday. and last 3. Can you please come cook dinner for me every night? You always have great and easy ideas.

    1. hahah awww i would love to cook you dinner girl!! hehe you are too cute!! To answer your qestions...I do NOT track protein. I probably should but I probably wont until I loose more weight. However I try to pick things to eat high in protein hoping it will keep me fuller longer. The shake is good. I like that its fast and easy to grab tasty and low cal. I am going to see further along how full it makes me feel but right now its good to have for breakfast, I am also going to have an egg with it today. Apple dip tastes like marshmallow, you cant taste the cream cheese, its SO good!!! It makes it a better consistancy though so definetly use it if you make it LOL.

    2. I am going to try the dip...any suggestions on other stuff you could use it on? Oh, and I had my breakfast Hot Pocket this morning ;). Happy Friday!

    3. haha you are SO CUTE! they are good!!! the dip...lets could use it on chocolate...muhahah..JK hehe oooh maybe other fruits like pineapple and grapes even...and graham crackers OH that would be awesome.

  2. Do you know I got a kid's meal the other day, and the apple pack had three, COUNT THEM, *three* apples. Omgosh, what a ripoff! Okay, that was just a side note. LOL I have had that kind of apple dip stuff before, albeit years and years ago, and it really is good. IMO, Sheila, it's sweet.

    1. DANG that is a rip off!!! LOL Crazy too!!! LOL i like getting my own apples usually anyway but the precut is easy to grab!!

  3. I am defiantly making that dip this weekend! My sweet tooth/tEEth have been getting the best of my lately. I guess they know Christmas is right around the corner!! Your mushrooms with onions look yummy to!!

    1. hehe thanks girl!! do make the dip!!! its sooo yummy!!!!


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