Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dessert First & a Recipe

Ok. I seriously relish the feeling of being clean, having freshly washed hair and clothed in soft pj's.

It seriously makes me happy-yyy.


So! Hello everyone!

In case you are wondering, I am totally sitting here clean in my pink old navy pj pants and one of hubbys t-shirts.  He is lucky it's not his boxers...I am a fan of them too ;)

I just had the most ama-zeeeing desert so lets start with that shall we?

Skinny cow ice cream-150 cals. Whip cream squirts & caramel drizzle!
So yummy.
I ate it slowly with a spoon.
In a perfect world I would totally sleep in all day tommorow and watch Christmas movies and drink hot cocoa. 
Doesnt that sound like an amazing plan?
Im in that kind of "Christmas mood" :)
Anyways I know yall are so suprised that breakfast finally doesnt consist of orange peanut butter crackers.
toast 140 cals/peaches 50 cals/peanut butter 75 cals
Then lunch was something I am sure you are all sick of seeing by now!
Cowboy Chicken Chilli (2.5 servings) 117 cals per cup with cheese=28 cals and tortilla chips=140 cals
Sheila just for you my dear, here is the recipe!
4 cups water
1 small can of mushrooms pieces/stems chopped and drained
1 small onion
brummel and brown yogurt (unless you opt out but its good to sautee mushrooms/onion in)
one can corn (drain)
one can light red kidney beans (drained)
one can rotel (not drained)
one can diced tomatoes (not drained)
one large can of chicken drained and shreadded with a fork.
One cup white rice COOKED already
Cumin (1 tbsp)
chilli powder (1/2 tbsp)
salt and pepper to taste
1. Sautee diced onion and mushroom pieces
2. Add in shreadded chicken and all other indgredients.
3. Add in your spices and water.
4. Heat and Eat.
Make your cowboy happy ;)
If yall make it let me know! Its so good.
So then I came home and MAY or MAY NOT have had a peanut butter bar.
150 cals=MAYBE :)
Then headed to the gym for one sweaty our of Zumba while my jillian-ish instructor who is a little ball of energy, proceded to sweat the daylights out of us.
It will find me soon. 
Then I came back home and dragged my sweaty tired self to the shower and then made dinner.
I say made but Costco did all the hard work ;)
Salmon burger from costco=170 cals (hot sauce drizzled on) brown rice=155 cals and mixed veggies=45 cals per cup
Besides the fact I found out my car has to have around $500 worth of repairs done saturday, today was a pretty good day...:)
Ok so tommorow is Friday, then we have Saturday, I am supposed to be getting my hair done then (unless i opt out due to MONEY woes, ayyye) and we have the Christmas festival where they turn on the lights in our little town!!! Then sunday is the wedding dress challenge & my anniversary and i think we are going to see twilight!!!
Stay tuned my loves!!!


  1. Hi dahling. You are so sweet...thank you for posting that recipe. It looks easy and very yummy. So sorry about your car repairs that sucks. I am very excited though for the wedding dress challenge but I know that it's going to fit. You have lost almost 30lbs! I am also hoping you will post pics if you get your hair did. I am letting mine grow out and am trying to figure out what to do with it. Happy Friday!

    1. Gurl if i do I will totally post pics!!! I am trying to grow mine out too, i think i personally look better with longer hair but i love the short cute chunky hair cuts, LOVE them, wish I could pull it off. I serioulsy hope the dress fits or i will cry!!! LOLOL!! Happy Friday too my dear!!!

  2. O.M.G Lauryn!! All that food looks so delish! I wish we had the Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich things here - but sadly we do not :-( Thanks for your lovely comments - and for following me back! I love getting new followers and comments :-)

    How crappy about your car repairs :-( Not fun, at all! At least you have other fun things going on to balance things out! ;-)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    Eve xoxo

    1. You are so welcome Eve!! Girl you have got to get you some skinny cow, its so good! LOL where do you live that you cant get them?? Sadness :( lol. But yes I am bummed about the car, but at least i dont have a car payment right now so thats the bright side lol. But yes a hopefully fun weekend comming up!!! :) Happy Friday girl!!!

    2. I live in Scotland!! Which is sometimes behind the times when it comes to fab treats! Lol we get skinny cow lollies and ice cream but not the sandwiches! I don't know whyyyyy! So unfair! Lol

    3. Oh that is soooo cool!!!! That is really neat! I would love to visit there one day!! Too bad about the ice cream though... lol!!!

  3. Your food looks great today! Well everyday :)
    Sorry to hear about the car payments, that sucks.
    Isn't this time of year fun when we start listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies. I love it.

    1. Thank you Suzi!! I know I am so thrilld about Christmas!!! They have the most amazing light display in our town and it was put up before nov 1st but they are turning it on this weekend! SO excited I definetly think I will have to watch the grinch or charlie brown! hehe

  4. All the food looks yummy! You will totally rock that dress ;) Have a good weekend girl!!

    1. Thanks hun!!!! I totally hope so LOL!!! And you too ;)

  5. I had to laugh about you liking to wear your husband's boxers. My husbands boxers wouldn't even fit my thigh. lol.

    Have fun this weekend!

  6. YUM! That dessert looks really good!
    Yes, cleaned up in warm jammies with hot cocoa and christmas movies sounds like a great day. :)


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