Friday, November 16, 2012

Fat Girl Habits Die Hard

Happy Friday!

Fridays would be sooo much awesomeerrrr if I ever had Saturdays off.


Anyways. They are still pretty awesome none the less.

Today was a very busy day at work.

Of course I had no idea what to eat for breakfast because we are running lowish on groceries and I had to grab some randomness and run out the door so I wouldnt be late.

olive pimento cheese on one piece of bread 63 cals and 70 cals for bread then crackers 130
You know you love seeing me eat crackers all week.
That is totally what draws people to this blog.
My uncanny ability to eat processed crap and still loose weight.
I know, sorry.
It's ok. We all know it's better than a sausage biscuit and hashbrown which is what my poor body was USED to eating 40 lbs ago.
Then lunch was a hurried mess as I was trying unsuccessfully to find a mechanic to fix my poor car tommorow.
I had Subway. 
With Jalepenos.
Now I remember why I dont ever get them.
grilled chicken breast on white bread with no mayo and american cheese.
320 cals
sun chips 140 cals
vitamin water costco brand 0 cals
It was good even though my mouth was on fireeee.
I had no other snacks today exceptmaybeanonfatgingerbreadlattee#starbuckshappyhour
oh wait.
Then I got home.

Planned on going to the gym but I had to go clean my car out and stop by Aldi's and it just didnt happen.
For dinner I made burgers with the costco angus pattys on buns with sauteed mushrooms and I had NO mayo and one half piece of cheese.
Burger-280/bread 110/cheese 35 cals/mushrooms 20 cals
crinkle fries from aldis 120 cals for 3 oz.
NOT PICTURED: About 2 cups of steamed broccoli i chowed down on before dinner
and another skinny cow ice cream creation.
OK so about those Fat Girl Habits....
My parents came over as I was finishing eating and we talked with them some in the living room ...well for some reason, about an hour later, I saunter into the kitchen and spy all these fries STILL on the pan.
I yelled something to hubs about him needing to eat those fries and start grabbing a couple and stuffing them in my mouth.
Um hello missy did you forget you are on a diet?

Apparently I did.
I caught myself.
Sickened that I had measured out 3 oz of fried about an hour before and am now cramming them down my happy little throat, I give the rest to the dog
Out of sight. Out of mind. Out of kitchen and not a waste technically.
And out of stoumach.
See guys...its SO easy to slip back into old habits even when  you arent HUNGRY.
I mean who wants cold fries?
Fat me.
Fat me dont live here NO MOE.
Fat me can take a HIKE.
Skinny me does not eat cold fries outside of my caloric limits, thank you very much.
One more day til the wedding dress challenge!!!


  1. Oh I totally know what you mean about the fat girl habits. I made cookies today (because my brother is visiting) and I totally just ate them even though I didn't really didn't want them. Bleh. Counted, and now I have that many less points for the rest of the week! Love your coffee mug, BTW!

    1. I totally know what you mean...i kinda did that with popcorn today...i will explain tonight but it just wasnt worth it LOL. Thank you!! I got it at old navy i think last year or early this year :)

  2. Your food looks yummy! Especially that burger! I wanted to grill yesterday but we ended up doing a last minute Thanksgiving dinner with our neighbors. We did the same thing last year...four families making yummy food and just chatting. It's fun!
    I can totally relate to fat girl habits! UGh! I have been doing the same darn thing! I am not hungry and I am full or satisfied, but if something I normally don't have in the house is in the house...I find it and eat it. No reason but because that is what I used to do. So frustrating when you worked so hard to get where you are just to fall back into old ways.
    It may always be a struggle but the important thing is that I realize I do it and I can stop it and move forward. :)



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