Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Seconds More

Hey ya'll.

Happy Monday.

I have to say, it was not bad for a Monday.

My day went by pretty quickly and I hope yours did too :)

Breakfast was a heat and eat!

Coach's Oats with a teaspoon of raw honey (from the mnts) and about 2/3 of a small banana
236 cals
Later on I had some coffee with Bailey's French Vanilla Creamer
40 cals
Then I went by the Dollar Tree.
Um...are these not the CUTEST window clings ever?
They are on my office door :)
I also have like the most ADORB little tree set up too! I will have to take pics tommorow!
Then lunch was a quickie- from McDonalds.
Southwestern grilled chicken salad w/SW dressing 390 cals
diet coke 0 cals
Then the day just flew by!
I come home and got ready to go to the gym.
First I cant find my license.
Then I lock myself out of the house.
FINALLY I get my butt there.
I ain't gonna lie.
I was TOTALLY not feeling it.
But I started running.
Then I didnt stop until 18 mins and 30 seconds later.
Then I finished my 45 minutes walking around a 3.0-3.5 pace.
Did you see that?
I ran 30 seconds longer than last time :)
But like I said..I had to push every last bit of energy out of my body to do it.
And really....It amazes me...what my body is capable of.
So many times I have thought I could only do so much...
...only because that's all I was trying.
You look at the people who are on the biggest looser...and you are like..HOW in the world do they DO that?
Now, I want to sweat.
I want to have to come home and have to take a shower because I made the most of my workout time. 
And it feels good.
Then I got home and was PRETTY give out.
Like I am now.
So I showered quickly and got to makin my dinner for one tonight!
 I love this stuff. Its only like 210 cals for a cup AND like 3g of fat!
I drizzled Texas pete on it and put about a half serving of cheddar cheese on top with one serving of tortilla chips on the side.
405 calories
Then...I still was able to have my desert!
skinny cow with caramel drizzle!
If you ever feel like giving up...just PUSH through.
Get some movitation going.
Some of my favorite motivators:
1. A new magazine-fitness related
2. You tube weight loss videos
3. Biggest Looser (if its on tv)
4. A pic of yourself you HATE.
5. A pic of yourself you LOVE.
6. New workout clothes.
7. Exercise-It always makes me want to eat right.
I hope this helps my sweeties!
Thank you all so much for the kind words and comments about the wedding dress challenge! You all motivate and inspire me...every single day. 


  1. Happy Tuesday!! It's really my Friday so I am very happy even though my boss has ran me to death today! So proud of you for still getting your workout in even after all that. I know most people would have just said forget it and you even went harder than usual. I am still being a lazy bum and can only imagine how I am going to be after all that food Thanksgiving. Don't you want to move further north? Like Raleigh? so that you can kick my butt out of the house and make me work out and get back to eating better? ;0)

    1. Aww I would totally love to move but unfortunatly i think my hubs would only be for moving to Tennessee, which is where we want to live one day!! LOL. But you never day i might just knock on your door and say get up girl we are going running!! LOL!! Yes I was totally not looking foward to the workout...its a miracle i made it. Now I am sleepy and not wanting to go to kickboxing but I hardly ever regret a workout! :)

  2. Hey Doll! How are you? Just wondered what your username was on MFP so that I can stalk you there too!! Hahahaha! Hope you're having a fantabulous day!!

    Eve xoxo

    1. Hahaha you are too funny!! It's lauryn86!! Let me know in the msg that its you!! :) I hope your having a great day too hun!!!! :)


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