Saturday, November 3, 2012

Birthday's & Hospitals

Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Mother!!!!!!!!!

She is an angel and I love her SO much!!!!  We had so much fun celebrating her today!!!
Of course I had to get through three hours of work first!
370 cals for the sausage mcmuffin
Breakfast wasnt the healthiest thing but could have been worse with some hashbrowns or biscuits
Then I met up with Mom and all my aunts/some cousins at Grandmas nursing home so that I could get the tail end of Mom's "Sister Party".
My Mom is one of 5 girls and they all get together for each others birthday :) 
Me and Mom and Aunt Delanda up top!
My other sweet Aunts from left to right: Brenda, Debbie, ME, and Lavone
They are all so sweet.
Then, cant forget the Queen Bee.
Sweet Marie :)
Ah, I know you all are in love with Grandma by now.
I know I am.
So, the girls had a huge spread of donuts, a fruit tart, and Panera bagles :)
I had half a donut with pink frosting and half a cinnamon crunch bagel with the honey walnut cream cheese.
You just cant refuse free panera :) Am I right?
So around 3 I got hungry and prepared a flat out pizza.
Flat out=90 cals turkey pep=35 turkey sausage=35 cheese=40 sauce=25
It hit the spot!
Then me and Mom went for our walk.
I came home and got ready to go out for her birthday!!
We went to Longhorn Steakhouse!
We had free apps from their email thing and we all got the wild west shrimp.
Um yes that would be ranch.  This is where I pretty much throw my diet out the window, so to speak.
However, I still hung on to a "plan"
I got the side salad with fat free ranch.
The FF ranch was gross so I asked for regular and only used about 1.5 tbsp. 
I had a lil bit of bread.
Then my steak came.  I got the flavorful under 500 and it was the Renegade 6oz I believe?
I also got green beans with it.
Im sorry yall but Im not citified enough to enjoy crisp green beans yet.
I like my green giant canned ones just fine.
These I didnt eat much of.
But the steak was really good!
Hubs got the napa valley chicken and it was great too.  Everything was so good.
Then we sampled a plethora of cupcakes.
After we sang to the Birthday Girl.
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!!!
Unfortunatly right before we went to eat I got a phone call that my sweet Aunt Brenda who I had just been with hours before was in the HOSPITAL!
She wasnt feeling well after lunch today, sort of like a dizzy feeling but just kind of disconnected from herself and didnt think she could walk out! My uncle had to call 911.  So we went and saw her as soon as we were done eating!
My aunt Brenda is my moms older sister (in the picture of my aunts) and she is pretty much the glue of the family, espically right now with Grandma in rehab.

She has been going up there almost every single day to see her and just wearing herself out.  I hope its just stress and that she will be ok after resting at home.  They let her go but if any symptoms come back she is to return. 
I get so worried about her though, she babysat me all the time growing up when my mom had to work two jobs to support me and we are very close. I love my BB (what I have called her since I was a child).  My whole family is very close knit and I am extreemly lucky to have such a loving support group. 
Please pray for her if you think about it :) 
Well lovelies, we are home now, relaxing watching LSU/BAMA. 


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!

  2. I'll pray for your aunt sweetness!!! Hopefully it is just stress or her being worn out from all that's going on with your grandma. I had a "bad" day diet wise myself, but tomorrow's another day & I've been good all week up until today.:)

    1. Thank you darlin! :) I appreciate that! I called her tonight and she is doing much better I am happy to report!!

  3. Thank you for my Super, Wonderful B-Day Precious Girl!!! I love you and your blog is so Great!!!:)

    1. Awe your welcome Mom, LOVE YOU!!! :) thanks for reading!

  4. It looks like you guys had a great day yesterday! And you are can you pass up free Panera? At least you kept it in moderation. I hope that your aunt is doing better and it was just stress. Hope you are having a great Sunday!

    1. Thank you Sheila! We did have a really good time I must admit!! My aunt is doing better according to my uncle, thank you for asking!! I think she needs a couple days off myself! I hope you had a great day too!!! :)


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