Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Being REAL

Hey guys!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful wednesday!!

I woke up and went walking with my mom and cousin before work this morning!  Time flew by we were having so much fun talking!

My cousin actually told us about these awesome protein shakes she buys at Sam's club and mom went and picked them up! They are 160 cals 1 gram of sugar and 3 g of fat and 30 GRAMS PROTEIN! 

I cant wait to try one for breakfast and report to you all how they are!

Anyways breakfast this morning was :

2 egg whites/1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1/4 cup applesauce
I had subway for lunch
turkey on wheat with mustard and vinegar and veggies and cheese
potatoe chips 150 cals
Later I had an apple :)
Which by the way...if you want to follow me on instagram I am lauryn1118
And later I had a cheese stick...same one i have been eating the past two days.
Then i got home and I was STARVING.
I am telling you I need to buy more popcorn and have that at work that really seems to help at dinner time.
I had another dang 100 calorie pretzle pack. UGH.
THEN it was my grandpa's birthday so we all went to the fish camp.
I was a totally naughty girl, I had popcorn shrimp with about 3 (maybe) hushpuppies, a baked potatoe and a little cup of slaw.
Not cool lauryn. Not cool.
But you all know I am going to be real with you and not say i had a salad with extra carrots for dinner.
This is real life and sometimes I really mess up and regret my choices.
But what is different about NOW, is that I move on. I try my best to make better decisions the very next MEAL not the next monday.  You cant give up one night because you ate too much shrimp. 
How will you ever succede?
One foot in front of the other.
Lets look at the good choices I made.
I had great healthy snacks (minus the 100 cal pack) and a great lunch and breakfast. Plus I got a workout in! Burned 183 cals!
Tommorow I am excited to try the protein drink and I will probably have tuna or something heavy in protein for lunch.  Who knows :)
I hope you sweetie pies have a great night and thank you all SO much for your sweet comments yesterday, I LOVE ME SOME COMMENTS!!! :)
Nighty Night ! 


  1. None of us are perfect! Some days just are what they are. Just keep going and don't give up :)

    1. Thats right Suzi! You hit the nail on the head, we cant give up!! :)

  2. It's great that you have walking buddies. That makes a lot of difference in motivation!

    1. GIRL you are not kidding!! TIME FLIES! We did it again this morning, I am loving it !!!

  3. It does really help to have friends to walk with, huh?!

    1. YEs it does Susan!!!! They are so much fun!!

  4. So proud of you for getting a workout in before work. I need to do that so bad but lord knows I love my sleep. What time do you have to be at work? I think you had a great day overall missy. Oh, and Subway has a few of their subs for $2 this month ;0)

    1. awe thanks sheila!! you are so sweet!! Girl I love my sleep too. I am NOT a morning person at all. In fact I grabbed a butter knife to bring to cut my apple this morning when i was apparently still half asleep! LOL I have to be at work at 9am, so I get up (all my stuff, food, clothes are packed or ready to be packed) and I get to the gym (I shoot for 7:45 and then we walk till about 8:30, I curl my hair at the gym and throw some makeup and clothes on and have about 10 mins to get to work...its not fun but do able. AND I am hoping it will get easier with time lol

  5. That's awesome you got up early in the morning to walk. I bet having the accountability of walking buddies really helps. I keep setting my alarm for 5am to get my lazy butt up to use my elliptical, but I always end up hitting the snooze button, lol.

    BTW -- can't wait to hear about the protein shakes and if they are good.

    Thanks for another awesome post as always! :)

    1. You are SO sweet and SO welcome!! :) Yes it is SO hard for me to get up early too!! It really helps knowing my cuz is there waiting on me! LOL and girl...the shakes are SO GOOD! I cant wait to tell yall about them!!!


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