Monday, November 12, 2012

Breakfast of Champions

Hello on this lovely Monday night. :)

It's been pretty warm today but I hear the temps are dropping tonight.

Poor Hubby is still working.
I had really good intentions of going to the gym this morning.

Clothes laid out, phone charged. Ipod still lost. But what's new?

However, I made a really good executive decision while I was still groggy to stay in bed.

I think my body was telling me I needed to just sleep.  Sometimes we have to listen to our bodies.

So I slept in :)

I really need a toaster at work.

I toasted two waffles and put apple butter on them but when I got to work they were soggy.

I ate instead: vending machine crackers and a cheese stick.

210 cals for crackers/60 cals for cheese
The Breakfast of Champions.
I am actually quite sad that was the last cheese stick.  They are great to keep in the fridge at work for snack emergencies. breakfast emergencies.
Anyways I ate lunch around 12:30. 
Tuna fish w/light mayo=220 cals/chips=75 cals/50 cal fruit cup
It was quite tasty! I had made the tuna fish last night with some salt n peppa, tuna (duh), cut up dill pickles, and hellman's light (2tbsp).
Had to run some errands and ended up picking up my FREE coffee from dunkin :)
Happy Happy Joy Joy!
Sorry I look like a hott mess.
Whatever. You are so lucky you got a shot of this pretty face today and you know it.
I actually forgot that I had brought a "pocketbook" sandwich laced with my amazing olive pimento cheese.
So I ate it around 5pm for a snack.
Bread 50 cals/cheese spread=63
So then after my fabulous trip to Aldi's for the Hubs lunch essentials I came home and made me some din din.
Salmon burger=170 cals/green beans=40 cals/pesto pasta=165 cals
Yo Mom, thanks for turning me on to theese salmon burgers at Costco!
They are yum-me.
Oh, and it's not bleeding.
That's my genius mind at work drizzling hot sauce on it.
I know you are amazed I have all theese cool ideas.
Then, speaking of cool ideas.
MFP told me I didnt eat enough calories and I was going to put my body into starvation mode.
So just for good measure I had a "mini sweet potatoe caserole"
About half a cup of candied yams with cinnamon, punkin pie spice and mini marshmallows put under the broiler.
Now I am either going to shower, read some more hunger games, finish laundry, or read some more hunger games. Hmm...decisions decisions.


  1. Hey girlie, that dinner looks so good. You always make me hungry when I come in and go to your blog which is good and bad because you always give me great ideas. I laughed out loud when I read about wanting a microwave at the office. I say that all they time. Every since I saw your waffles with the PB and bananas I have been doing that and trying different toppings but I don't want to eat when I am leaving the house but only have a microwave here.

    1. Haha girl I wish I could just have all of yall over to eat :) hehe. It was very yummy, but sorry I make you hungry! hahahah. Yes I would love it if we had a fully stocked kitchen here!!! LOL

  2. I get the fit and activ cheese sticks from aldi's.. they are WONDERFUL. Have you seen the first movie of the hunger games?! Love! Keep me posted about the next 2 of the series, I never got to read them I did the hunger games and then jumped into 50 shades.. and now im too busy with the time of the year to start reading again. wahh

    1. i have had those before!! I just went to aldis for the first time in like a month last night!!! LOL I love that place! I got some yogurt you will see in my next post, very tasty!! I think they are filming the next movie now, but yes girl I LOVED the movie it made me want to read the books and now I am almost done with the last one!!! I love the series!!


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