Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Yogurt & Cowboy Chicken Chilli

Hello Hello Hello!

I hope everyone had a Terrific Tuesday today!

Mine was pretty good I must admit.

Hey guys....Thanksgiving is 10 days away!!!


Sweetness. I can't wait.


Breakfast was pretty good! I picked up a yogurt I hadn't tried at Aldi's last night and loved it.

Blackberry yogurt=90 cals/Crackers=130
It was really tasty.  It had like real fruit pieces in it...me likey.
Then I went and picked up this for the Hubs.

Our anniversary is Sunday and I got my present early already too.
In case you missed it, you can check out my cool pink gun here.
This is what he wanted so this is what he gets. lol.
He loves playing this game with his friends and his little headset thing they can talk on and play army man. hahaha.
Ok anyways!
Then I came back to work and made lunch.
70 cals progresso chicken noodle light/turkey sandwich with dijonaise 1/2 pc cheese
240 cals
Lunch part 2 was my light chips (not quite a whole serving) and a fruit cup.
chips=60 cals/fruit cup=50 cals
Then as a supplement to my day & a little pick me up
150 calories for one peanut butter bar
Oh so good.
So then I came home and made myself go to Zumba.
I was actually REALLY glad I went.
We got in a fantastic workout and I may actually be sore tommorow.
Ok...so a girl in my zumba class had the cutest shirt on ever!!

I am not sure its acutally a workout shirt, persay, but it totally worked for Zumba!
She said she got it at Marshalls which means I probably have no hope of ever finding it. lol.
Then I came home and basically threw together a bunch of stuff that was in my pantry!
It's been burrrr-y cold today so I decided ENOUGH with LOOKING at delicious soups all over pinterest I am going to just make one myself.
I call it: Cowboy Chicken Chilli
Chilli=117 cals per cup ( i had three) and one serving of cheddar cheese=110 cals
one serving of chips=140 cals
SO YUM!!!!!
It's got in it: water, rotel, diced tomatoes, corn, kidney beans, rice, and chicken...also cumin and hot sauce. YUM!
I have to get up in the morning and do my hour on the treadmill.
I skipped mondays treadmill and felt like a fat lazy heffer so I better get up in the morning.
Good night all!!! :)


  1. That soup looks good and filling. Can you post or email me the recipe? The pimento cheese spread looks intersting too but I'm not sure about the olive thing. I do those half sandwiches all the time to save calories. Do you do your kickboxing and zumba class at the same place? I have been looking into places for a class but you know how frugal I am!

    1. Haha yes girl! Just last year they built a gym near my house and its 19.99 a month and that includes classes!! i love it!!! the soup is SO good! I will definetly post the recipe, maybe tonight!! :) Or this afternoon? It will be up dont worry! :) And girl the pimento cheese is the greatest !!! lol but i am an olive freak, i love them lol

  2. Skinny Cow makes a Peanut Butter bar that tastes JUST LIKE those Little Debbie ones...oh my Lord! And they are only 110 cals! Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp Peanut Butter. It's only 8am here and just TALKING about it makes me want one....:)

    1. Haha oh girl I have had those! They are SO good! This one is 150 for half the pack, I leave the other one at home so I am not tempted LOL! But yes I totally love everything skinny cow! In fact in my freezer i have a huge pack of the icecreams from costco! lol

  3. Good to know on the Aldi yogurt. Always trying a new one too!

    1. LOL me too! I never stick to one brand! But i do love yoplait. The whips actually ;)


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