Thursday, November 8, 2012

In the Moment

Well yall.

Its not been the best day, not gonna lie.

I deleted my facebook today.

And I love it.

It's a very liberating thing.  I should have done it a long time ago!


If your looking for a happy uplifting post this is probably not going to be it.

But the beauty of this blog is that it's MINE. ALL MINE. Muwhahah.

And I get to write what I want.

And right now I am very upset with my husband.

If I am mad at someone, dang it, he is TOO!

Why dont men understand that?

Anyways enough with my real life/facebook drama. Haha.

I actually love knowing that no one can know what Im up to or what I look like or where I am on face book. 

And I wont see it when everyone and their brother crops up pregnant.

And I wont be messaged or "invited" on facebook to fifty million baby showers, 31 parties and Body By Vi challenges every single week.

People will have to send me a card in the mail if they want me to come to something.

What a novel idea.

And dont get me started on the game requests.

I am already mentally counting the benefits in my head! Muwhaaha.

Ok is the pics from today.

This is a strawberry cheesecake yogurt from target for 80 cals.
I also had two pieces of bread 100 cals and peanut butter 75 cals and a 50 cal cup of fruit with coffee with fat free half and half 20 calories.
Lunch was fantastic! I had an Amy's non dairy burrito=300 cals, leftover rice=160 cals, salsa, and amys black bean soup (great stats tastes WONDERFUL) for 140 cals for a cup!
Dinner was Bible study at Panera bread.  I had the you pick two with broccoli cheddar soup for I think 200 cals and the classic salad for 90 cals and a french bagette for 150 cals.  I had the sugar free acai berry tea.
Then I was very "in the moment" thus the title of this post.
In the moment, meaning I was pissed at my husband and facebook and life in general not going my way. :)
It's that moment when you are most volunerable to your good buddy Mr. Bad Food.  Beacuse Mr. Bad Food always looks so handsome and he is always there for you.  If he's not there he is just a reach away!  Be it the drive through...the grocery store check out lane...or the vending machine.  You are stressed and he shows up right on time!
My friend Tiffany had this amazing cinnamon roll which I had been wanting in all it's 600 calorie glory since the beginning of our Bible studies earlier this year.
I totally got that beast today. 
For 99 cents.  And the SWEET girl gave me a free coffee too.
She totally made up for that mean manager lady that didnt want to heat up my soup one day. 
600 something calories.
Um. Yes.
Sorry about that.
But you see what I mean dont you?
It's amazing.
Hopefully worth it.
Probably will regret it when I am trying to fit back in my wedding dress in a week or so.
Good job Lauryn.
Tisk Tisk.
Oh well I hope you all had a better day than me.
Who else feels like chucking facebook out the window sometime?


  1. I don't have fb. My MIL gave me her password one day and I was on fb nearly 24/7 for about 3 weeks. I FELT DEPRESSED! I found out things about people's personal lives that I never knew before. I was disappointed in people. I looked up every ex-boyfriend I could think of since 6th grade. LOL It was awful! I made MIL change the password and keep it a secret. I'm SO GLAD that I don't have fb! Enjoy it!

    1. hahahah i just emailed you before I saw this, too funny!!!! Well I am very glad I am not on it now, maybe people will be happier to see me in person!! LOLOL

  2. FB does suck hours out of the day! It's true there are things on there I really should not know.

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    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. haha ok let me try this ONE more time!! LOL I know exactly what you mean though! We learn so much about other peoples lives!! Its crazy lol

  3. I can't imagine what I could do with my time if I didn't waste on facebook.. i'd prob get a raise at work!

    1. Haha girl me too!!!!! My boss always cracks jokes about me being on facebook. UGH!!! LOL

  4. Hello dahling, I was a bit surprised by this post but I knew something was up when I tried commenting on one of your post yesterday and it wouldn't let me. I must say that I will miss you on FB and in the group...BUT you do what you have to for you. I am all about living as drama free and stress free as possible. At least I still have you here and on MFP.

    The scale finally moved for me today...woot woot! I am so happy and so so close to my short term goal. Only 2.5lbs to go. I hope yours moved too but I know it's hard to focus when you are stressed. Don't feel bad about that cinnamon roll I think you deserved that yesterday. I hope you are having a great day...happy Friday!

    1. Awe Sheila!! I know I totally miss the group and YOU my dear!!! And I might be back later, who knows! But for now, this is best I think. Well I have my TOM right now so the scale is basically staying the same which is good i guess. lol. I cant wait to break through the 25 lbs mark though i am getting so frusterated but its MY OWN FAULT. HELLO CINNAMON ROLL. LOL!! But anyways Im just kinda surviving not thriving right now, I hope yall dont notice lol but the holidays approaching are so hard for me! But I am committed so hopefully I will see it through!!! YAY FOR YOUR SCALE MOVING!!!!! SO totally proud of you girl!!!! You can definetly make that goal!!!! ANd I hope you have a happy friday too!!! :)

  5. Hi Lauryn...Happy Friday!

    I am sorry to hear you had a rough day. :/ I guess we have to have those from time to time. I have thought about deleteing my facebook account on several occassions. I like it because I keep up with a lot of my family that live all over. BUT I agree it would be nice to get an invitation in the mail or get a phone call. I totally understand getting that cinnamon roll too! My weakness and Bread CO / Panera Bread is their Chocolate Chipper Cookie...YUM!!!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for the encouragment Whitney!! Oh I totally love me some panera girl!! I understand about the far away family thing, luckilly most of mine is local, that would be hard! I hope you have a great weekend as well girl!!! :)

  6. You GO girl, I have deleted my FB in the past and When we made our big move to a different state I reactivated it for my family and now that I have a blog I want to deactivate it again, but I love Mama L's page!! I would seriously have SOOO much time in my day if I did delete it!! I think your post is just what I needed to delete it!! Thanks!!

  7. Girl I know exactly what you mean!! I always temporarily delete my Personal FB page!! Sometimes I get frustrated with my weight loss one but would never delete it =) Is your just temp or permanent?

  8. OMG I just deleted my personal account LOL!! It says within 14 days it will be permantly deleted with no option to get it back!! bahahaha glad and for some reason that page always pissed me off anyways lol!! Thanks lauryn!

  9. Oh Mr. Bad Food! I had been wanting/avoiding this cupcake place for weeks and my aunt sends a box of the cupcakes over w/my sister. Ugh. Good looking Panera soup&salad!


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