Sunday, November 4, 2012

Super Duper Sunday!

Happy Sunday peeps!

We had a great one ourselves. 

It all started with an extra hour of sleep :)

Lovin that.

Then we got up and got ready for church!  We have been church hopping latley trying to see where God is leading us to go. 

We decided to go to my parents church again and visit a sunday school class we had been to before that is taught by some sweet friends of ours. 

Breakfast was in a rush.  I made a mug of skim milk with little bites chocolate mini wheats. 

However I had about 3-4 bites of it before we had to run out the door.  I knew it would be a while before lunch so I grabbed one of hubs lunch cracker packs and got in the car.  I had four crackers and he had two!

190 if you eat the whole pack
Church was great!!!
Then we went to my parents to eat lunch, they had invited us over for chicken
Didn't yall know that Baptists eat chicken on sunday?
Yeah, y'all know me, it usually ends up being chicken FIJITAS. haha.
But I love me some good ole fried chicken any day.
Well my parents are pretty health concions too luckilly, so we had grilled!
Unfortunatly I scarfed it all before I took a pic. 
I had a breast and leg, both with hot sauce, and I actually had a few bites from a thigh that I gave to hubs.  I had one and a half biscuits (no bueno) and a small ammount of green beans and a real small ammount of mashed taters drizzled in gravy.
I have discovered I like dousing chicken in hot sauce.
Very low cal too.
Anyways then we went to walmart and got a few things we needed and came home and I left and went to my NEW fave store, COSTCO!!! :)
I got a pretty good deal on some stuff yall. 
I got 150 face wipes for 11.49.  I think thats like 13 cent a wipe and I LOVE these.
Better than Neutrogena, better than walmart brand, better than target brand.  They are thick and moist and do a great job and dont burn my eyes!  They are by kirkland I think.
Also yall know I have to have my gum, ALSO got that on a great deal.
I got some other things like toilit paper (we should be good for the rest of the year LOL) and tuna, and costco brand of vitamin water for hubs to take to work, a jug of milk for 2.75! Jacks salsa...heard great things about that salsa...and just random stuff I needed. 
I RESISTED getting the berry sunday (Oh its so good and cheap) and instead got a diet coke on the way out. I had already had a SMALL piece of a fruit tart at Mom's and most of a hershey cookie and cream bar that I am blaming on hubby for whining about while we were in line at walmart.
I got home and we had the angus burger patties from costco and made hamburgers with natures own whole wheat bread, reduced fat mayo, ketchup, mustard, onions, dill pickles and sauteed mushrooms!
We had lays light chips on the side. 
chips=75 cals, bread=100 cals burger patty=280 and toppings=100 estimated.
Diet coke from Costco.
Then I cleaned the house a bit and put everything away and made room for my overflowing stock of things from Costco haha.
I hope yall had a great weekend and are ready for a fabulous week!!!


  1. Hey, don't knock the toilet paper. You never know when a big stomach flu might come through and totally WIPE you out of it. Hahaha I love the KFC grilled chicken! And yes, I'm Baptist and we love our chicken. My husband says "ever since that rooster crowed on Peter, we've been eating them since!" :)

    1. Hahah thats cute!! Very true!!! And girl I know, I am awful about using a ton of toilit paper!!! Its one of my FEW vices LOL.

  2. Ohh I forgot to tell you I bought the low calorie Swiss Miss hot choclate and it's not too bad. Did you buy it yet?

    1. yes i got the diet one and tried it this weekend I think, it was pretty good!!! I love that its only 25 cals!!!


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