Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plus 10% & Body Shots!

Ever heard the old saying..."I gave it my all."

Well.. tonight "I gave it my all...PLUS 10%!"

No joke.

I had a personal best.

Luckilly, I slept in this morning and didn't hit the gym.

First, let me say this.

I felt like anything and everything was keeping me from the gym tonight!

Hubs came home right before I left. I was dressed so I went anyway.

Got on the treadmill, then my iphone falls off the machine and rides all the way down to the floor.

Bye Bye Pandora.

Some nice lady helps me pick it up, I feel mortified plus my time and everything gets messed up.

I put all the excuses aside and started back.

Around minute 2 I STARTED RUNNING.

I ran....and ran.

Where I would normally stop, I didn't feel like it.

I felt GOOD.

I kept going.

I ran till minute 20Never have I ever ran that long.

So, to celebrate this awesomeness I decided I would take a body shot of myself before I got in the shower.  I am SO far from perfect but I am getting "happier" with the way I look in a sports bra and running pants.

P.S. I totally wear a shirt at the case you're wondering. :)
I know this is probably still "bad" but trust's "good" compared to what it was at 218 lbs.
I've lost 39 lbs since my heaviest and 28 just this year.
218 lbs October 2009
This was a pic of me in my cousins wedding and this picture started it all.
I HATED how I looked.
It's framed in my kitchen currently.
It's all about motivation folks.
I am hoping someday this will be my "before" shot :)
I think it already is....
Anyways on to the eats!
Breakfast was a re-pete
Different flavor this time=90 cals/130=crackers
Lunch was a no-brainer.
Cowboy Chicken Chilli=176 cals/pimento cheese&bread=105
cheese sprinkles=28 chips=140
Then I had another peanut butter bar later on!
150 cals
Then I got home and got all geared up for the gym. 
I decided to have another PB bar so I wouldnt starve at the gym.
Hey...its got peanut butter in it! :)
*SIGH* Yes...i know..i wont be buying them again.
I did 40 minutes (actually a couple more before my phone fell) and burned 350 cals!
Freaking awesomeness.
I hate side cramps though. How do you get rid of them my fellow runners?
Then I came home, and cooked some deliciousness after my shower.
rice=103 cals angus patty=280 mushrooms=20ish broccoli=100 cheese=28
Ok guys, thats all she wrote. Don't forget we have the Wedding Dress Challenge comming up this weekend! Holla atcha gurrrrrl.



  1. Woot on the running!! As for side cramps... I think it is all about the breathing, but that is just my opinion. I am a very LOUD breather, and I don't care :) In through the nose and out through the mouth!

    1. you might be on to something susan! I didnt get them until after my 18 minute run when i was trying to run again LOL. But I might need to eat some potassium too, who knows lol but thanks for the breathing tip!

  2. There is such a difference in your 2009 and today, girl. You are doing great!

    1. Yay, there you are!!!! :) I miss you. And thanks woman!!! You inspire me ;)

  3. I am so proud of you missy. 1. for posting pics and 2. for making such amazing progress. It's takes a lot to post pics but it is so encouraging to see. You do look so different now than you do in that pic at your cousin's wedding. Great work! Congrats on the running too. I need to find a gym or get my butt in here early so that I can get on the treadmill. I was up to 8 minutes with my C25K but have been slacking because of school and also because I hate hate hate the cold. I want to stay in the house all evening when it's cold like this. I work in an office where I have to semi dress up so I am trying to figure out how to pack my clothes so that they won't be all wrinkled when I get to work.

    1. Awe thank you Sheila! I was a little scared to post them but then i thought, oh well! People know Im here for weight loss, so why not LOL. I know what you mean...i totally want to go home and make comfort food when its so cold out!!! Hmm..maybe keep your clothes on a hanger and the night before go put them in your car, hanging up...then just take them to the locker room in the morning? You might just have to try a couple different things then something will stick!! 8 mins is great!! They most i have done till now was 10 mins!!

  4. Congratulations on giving it 110%!! You.Are.Amazing

  5. I love before and after shots! (im such a creep, hahaha) There is SUCH a difference in your before picture! Im so excitedddd for you! One day I will get the courage to take a only sports bra picture.. one day, lol.
    ps. what is the wedding dress challenge?!

    1. Aww thanks so much girl!!! I took a while, but i was looking in the mirror FINALLY not hating so much what i saw and i thought why not LOL. The wedding dress challenge is that my anniv (6 yrs) is on sunday and I wanted to fit back into my dress and either way iam goin to take a pic sunday and post for yall to see!!!! i hope i fit LOL!!

  6. Hi Lauren!! Just found your blog and love it!! What an awesome accomplishment on the treadmill!! You totally rock! Your pics are awesome too! You look amaze-balls! Can't wait to read your past posts to catch up!

    Eve xoxo

    1. Awe thank you Eve!! That is SO sweet of you to say!! I am so glad you enjoy reading it :) And thank you for the compliments!!! I enjoy "meeting" new readers!!!
      P.s. I totally love that you use the word "amazeballs" LOL!

  7. Congratulations on your running!!! And being able to post pictures of yourself!!! I know its hard and you look great!!! Congrats on your weight loss!!

    1. Thank you Ashley!!! You are so sweet!! I am trying so hard, I really appreciate the encouragment!!! :)

  8. Lauryn I am SURE you are totally going to fit in that wedding dress girl!!! It'll probably even be loose! You are doing so great & there is such a difference between the pic from 09' and now. You look great!!! And I miss you on FB....just because it was really my only time to "talk" to you :)

    1. Awe you are such a sweetie! Well I totally caved in and joined back last night hahaahha. SO yay for that!!! And thank you so much for the sweet compliments!!!!! I love you chicky!!!!! :)

  9. The feeling you have when you have ran farther than you have ever is an amazing feeling! I get emotional for those moments and feel very proud! Good for you! :)


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