Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap & A Day OFF!

Hey there :)

Let me just say, I have had a fabulous day off of work today!

As you know, if you have been reading, we went on vacation to Gatlinburg, TN and just got back last night!  We left Thanksgiving morning, bypassed the Turkey & Dressing and headed straight for the mountains!

My eating started off great, but ended Ehh...

However I only gained 2ish pounds! yay. Sorta.

Oh well, on to loosing those pounds again and many more.

I got all comfy and we headed out!

And arrived at this lovely hotel: The Edgewater
On River Rd. in Gatlinburg, TN


Good hair day



Haha so thats our trip in a few pictures! Too much to write about as I have a tons more to do tonight!
I took today off work so I could rest up, restock on groceries and get our the Christmas decor!
This morning I slept in until the liesurly hour of about 9am.
Then I got up and had my quiet time with God, reading the Bible.
I had a Peanut Butter & Jelly Lara Bar and some coffee with FF Half and Half
210 cals for the bar
Then I went to Target...because what girls day off doesnt involve Tar-jay?
Grande Thanksgiving Blend with half and half and splenda
Lunch was at Grandma's house (she's home now! yay!) with Mom, who made Oryster Stew...YUM!
405 calories
Then I had to grocery
Then I came home and started decorating more! 

We put our tree up last night, but today I added a mini cupcake tree and an Elvis/pink tree!
Mini cupcake tree
0 calories
70 calories
I had a weight watcher colby cheese stick before running out the door to the dollar store.
For dinner I was super tired and Hubs was working so I had grilled cheese, chips and soup.
490 calories
And desert was a skinny cow ice cream
Tommorow is back to work!
I hope you all had a great holiday!



  1. Very pretty pictures and you are looking pretty skinny my dear!

  2. Yes, I have to agree, the last picture of you is by far my fave! And besides you look supper skinny in it, wahhhhh!

    1. haha thanks girl you are SO sweet, you totally made my day!!

  3. Sounds like a fun trip. Great pictures. And I do like your hair in the "good hair" shot!

    1. haha thanks susan!!! :) it was totally fun!!!

  4. Great pictures! I need to eat my skinny cows like that! Yummy!

    1. haha thanks girl!! Yes do try it, its like a MUCH better desert and I eat it slower that way!!

  5. i wish i looked that cute and good in sweats!!! That two lbs will come off in no time! you deserved a vacay!


    1. haha aww you totally made my day!! i love me a cute pair of sweats, we actually made it to a juicy coture outlet store at i got the cutest hot pink juicy pants on clearance plus 40% off, they are put up for Christmas but I cant wait!!


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