Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Madness!!

Yay Monday is officially over!

Wow, my monday was pretty crazy, how about yours?

The weather was beautiful though, I must admit!

This morning started off with another flat out wrap with cheese and turkey sausage crumbles and egg!

257 calories including FF half and half and coffee
Then lunch was WAY higher than I anticipated.  I should have added calories first.
Chicken salad=280 calories/cheese stick=60 cals/fruit cup=50 cals/crackers=140 cals and soup=160 cals.

Like I said....way too many calories and it wasnt even a big mac!!!

Ok so then I made it worse by stopping at target to get paper towels and coming out with a Starbucks Tall salted caramel mocha. 

330 cals
But it was OH SO DELICIOUS!!
Then I came home and even though it was dark me and mom went on a walk!
It was SO cold!
Then back home I made me and hubby some scrambled eggs!
2 eggs=140 cals BB=45 cals per tbsp Bread=150 cals
I had three (oops) pieces of toast with brummel and brown too. 
Then I wanted something sweet so I had 3/4 cup of frosted flakes with 1/2 cup of skim milk.

110 cals for cereal and 40 cals for milk
I cleaned up the kitchen and am cleaning out hubbys lunch box cooler thing and getting ready to put up some laundry and call it a night.
We have to get up early to go VOTE!! 
Yay for Election day!! Go out there and vote...for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!
Our country needs us and it's our responsibility to vote!  It's a priveledge!
We are so blessed to be in the United States of America!
God bless you all and good night!



  1. OOH I love Frosted Flakes!!! I have my alarm set early... I am ready to vote!!!

    1. Me too i forgot how good they are! LOL Yay for voting!

  2. Love breakfast for dinner! Getting ready to vote now.

    1. I usually dont eat it for dinner but I was totally craving it today!! LOL. Yay for voting!!

  3. I have to try those Flat Out wraps. Are they a lot lower calorie than regular tortillas? That breakfast looks soooo good! Good for you for still getting your walk in. I have to do my C25K after work today and it's going to be dark and I have to get it in though I feel like I have been stuck on the same 2 lbs the last week. I remember you said you were having the same problem...has it gotten any better for you?

    1. I know girl. NO its not any better! :( Sadness!!! I want the scale to move, but truth is I have to be stricter with my food. ANd not eat my workout calories LOL The flat out wraps are great and big for only 90 calories!!!

    2. It's very hard Lauryn to stay within the daily calories when you are trying to lose weight. Hang in there girl and I promise that scale will move for us both. Have a great day ;0)

    3. You are SO right sheila. SOme days its so easy and others its like INSANE! LOL. Today is one of the latter days. lol. I am wanting to eat everrrrthing lol


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