Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Bestie Day!

Well guys!

Turns out I was wrong!

It was $750.00 not 500 to fix my car. BOO.

Oh well.

I had to cancel my hair appointment too because my car wasnt done until after 4pm but that;s Ok because I spent most of the day with my bestie :)

She picked me up after 8am and we went to subway to get a bite to eat after dropping my car off at the Toyota dealership.

See we were good girls and didnt get a biscuit!

I had a ham egg and cheese 6 inch without the egg! Mustard no mayo.
Then after work she picked me back up and we did a little shopping.
Then we got hungry and decided it was time for Mexican!
I portioned out my chips again! Also we got the lunch fijitas and i didnt eat hardly any of those beans but pretty much everything else, One tortilla and a tiny part of another. Not bad.
Then I also had a little desert in the car :)
I had one of these (2 comes to a pack)
And you can bet when two BFF's get together and it's Starbucks Happy Hour we are gonna be there!
We went to walmart and target and at target picked up a Non-fat creme brulee latee.
Then I went and picked up my car, which luckilly seems to be soooo much better.
And then it was time for the Christmas festival!!
It was really great!!!
They had all sorts of things for kids!
Those bouncy things
Pony rides, hay rides, the town even provided FREE hot chocolate, hot apple cider and krispy kreme donuts for everyone!
Yes I had cider and a donut. But whatevs.
They also had cute booths set up everywhere with different vendors.
My mom and my cousins were actually selling some crafts, and I bought a couple cute things!!
I also got some ADORABLE cupcake things earlier today that I am going to be making a GIVEAWAY with for this blog!!!! Be excited!!!
Then we went out to dinner with my father in law to cracker barrell !
Chicken and rice with green beans and pintos with onion on top.
I also had one cornbread and a pinch  or two of a biscuit.
I am very pleased with how I handled my food today.
It's not the norm that I indulge in a free donut LOL or cider either so that was fun and I made smart choices the rest of the day.  The calories were a bit over, but I had fun and it's my anniversary weekend, I have to live it up a bit right? Haha.
Y'all tommorow is the Wedding Dress Challenge!!!
I have to put it on when I get up and take a pic for yall!!!
Oh also I am doing my own hair tonight with this:
And I will let you know how it turns out, before and after pics!!
Nighty Night!!!


  1. I should have taken Kayla to the Christmas Festival!!! I totally would have if I'd known they were having all that stuff for kids. She does love a good bouncy house lol. We'll have to remember that next year. You did great today! We went to Fontanella's in was delish. I didn't do bad either...although I guess I should own up to the Sub Station choc chip cookies I ate afterwards (yep that's plural lol) I ate 3 but they are small & that was my only splurge for the day....but my brother wouldn't stop going on about how lush they were so I felt I had to try them for the first time.

    1. LOL girl i know what you mean. Dont feel bad I totally ate like a fatty today yall are going to be dissapointed hahahaha. But oh well! Fontellas..what kind of food do they have? you should totally bring kayla next year!!!! This is my first year going and it was SO fun!!

    2. I would totally be splurging on my anniversary girl!!! So don't think anyone's gonna be dissapointed! Heck, I eat like that on Saturdays sometimes even when it's not a special occasion lol. Fontanella's is like authentic Italian food & it is tha BOMB for real!! If you are ever craving fettucine alfredo or spaghetti or chicken parm their food is sooooo good & it's better than Olive Garden...of course you can't get the Olive Garden breadsticks there but that's about all I miss & half the time they aren't even good at Olive Garden anymore. I'm sure everything is good there but those are just the things I've tried before. It's right out there where the Home Depot & all that stuff is in Matthews? I love it! Can't wait to hear all about your anniversary day! :))

    3. oh i am TOTALLY going to have to try that now!! i like olive garden but authentic italian sounds totally amazing!!!! i love me some chipolte out that way too yumm i havent been there in a while! I will definetly have to plan a date night to fontanellas soon! jacob would LOVE that!

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun!
    Can't wait to see your hair tomorrow

    1. Thanks suzi! It turned out great but I just didnt get my roots good with the cap you have to put on but it is fine for now! Not bad for 7.00 lol!

  3. Happy Anniversary! It looks like you had a great day minus all that money for your car :0(. I don't know which looks better...the mexican or the Cracker Barrel. I am cooking chicken fajitas tonight woot woot! I am very excited to hear about the dress tomorrow and see your hair.

    1. Thank you Sheila! We have had a great day together so far!! Both meals were YUm-O! I am very exicted about posting tonight....:) Oh ALSO homemade chicken fijitas sound amazing. My mom used to make them growing up and i LOVED them. oh sooo good.

  4. It's nice when you can control your eating and know you made healthy choices but can still indulge here and there. I am experiencing that kind of thing too. It means we are moving in the right direction to healthier lives. :) Nice job! It sounds like you had a really fun weekend! The christmas festival looks fun too! I don't know if we have anything like that here but I do plan to take my son to Tillie's Park - a festival of lights. I think you walk it or ride a carriage? We took him to a place in Illinois last year called Our Lady of Snows. It is free to get in and they have beautiful displays of lights that you drive through. Problem was we were sitting on the highway for over an hour just to get in to the exhibit, with an 18 month old. It was nice to say we went though. :)



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