Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Date Night! What?

Yep. You read that right.

We had us a little date night tonight. :)

Im gonna leave you hanging though because I know you are SO excited to hear about my day first!

Hubs and I woke up BRIGHT and early while it was still dark and freezing and got up to go vote!

We even had to stand outside in the cold and wait for a little while, but that's much better than the 5 hour wait I heard some people had to endure!

Anyways I had to fight a biscuit battle this morning. I REALLY wanted to call it an unsual day, totally unworthy of a "healthy plan" and drive right through Bojangles and get me a Cajun Filet Biscuit. 

But I didnt.

391 calories
Thats two pieces of toast with B&B and one egg and a small ammount of shreadded cheese. I also made some rice for my lunch and ate half with breakfast.  Thats something my grandparents used to make me for breakfast.  I love it with salt and pepper and butter mixed in.
Then for lunch I decided a little trip to target was in order. :)
I found a couple random things I "needed".  You ladies know how that is ...
Note to Self: Do NOT go to Target hungry.  It will result in the purchase of popcorn.
252 cals for 2/3's but I think I ended up eating all of it later.
Anyways I got back and had a delicious lunch!
380 calories
Rice with progresso beef pot roast light (poured out most of the broth) heated up and poured over rice and I had two (unfortunatley) Hawaiian rolls.
It was very very good.  Espically on a cold rainy day.
Then our accountant had to have access to my computer for like 2 hours so I got a bit bored after a while. 
That bordeom combined with the ice cold temps in our building resluted in a cup of swiss miss.
90 cals, no pic.
Then I told myself if I did some work I could have my little chocolate/marshmallow snack I brought.  It was a mix of chocolate mini wheats little bites/marshmallows/mini chocolate chips.
around 200 cals
Then I was super duper tired and Hubby came home way earlier than he thought so we decided to go to the gun range and try out my new toy :)
Plus it was Ladies night and I got 1/2 price on range time.
Dont mess with me and Rose.
Actually Im a pretty crummy shot, but the longer I shot, the better I got!
We had a lot of fun.
Nevermind we were half way there when hubby realized he forgot our ammo and we had to go all the way back home and get it.
After shooting up an appetite we stopped for Wendys. I had been craving a burger with onions and lets face it I always want fries.
820 calories.
Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe with NO mayo, onion and pickle added.  Small fry.  Small chilli.
Eek. Um. I have no excuses.
I digress.
This may or may not have happened as well...
160 calories
AT LEAST it's portion controlled people!
Now time to snuggle on the couch and watch the election!
Have a great night peeps, tommorow is hump day and that means the week is half over, hoo-ray!


  1. Wendy's does me in everytime. That's awesome that you shoot! I've been with the hubs a few time, but I couldn't hit a target if it was 2 feet in front of me, booooo.

    1. I know girl I was pretty bad at first but the more I do it the better i get LOL! And as for wendys,...lol if I am in the "right" mindset I can order good but apparently I was not last night. LOL

  2. Yayy so glad you got a date night and I am so jealous of Rose! I have had a lot of trouble with my eating lately too :0(

    1. I think its all this stress!!! LOL I think we have all been stressin with the holidays and elections and the hum drum of everyday life LOL!! Girl you need to get you a Rose heheheh she is so fun for reals!!! :)

  3. Your snack looks so YUMMY!!!!! I have got to try that!! and you shooting a gun... you go girl!! I could never shoot a target!! My aim is terrible My husband has tried!! HA and I am afraid of guns!! eeK!!!

    1. Thank you it was pretty good!!!! Hehe I used to be scared of them too...in the house at least. But then hubs is gone a lot and Im by myself so I would rather be safe than sorry, PLUS the more I use them and know about them the less scared of them I am! If you dont want to buy one at least try shooting one in a range, its really empowering feeling!! And the more you learn about them the less scarry they are! Gun safety is #1!!! :) hehe

    2. Oh apprently I read that wrong lol you said you did try to shoot a gun, well girl I have to say I am NOT the best shot either but I told hubby if someone is running towards me to hurt me, then my chances get better LOL!

  4. What a fun day! They never give out those "I Voted" stickers at my precinct. :( No fair! And good job for putting all of your food pics up there even if you weren't proud of them. I know how hard it is to do that, but it holds you accountable.

    1. What ? No stickers! Stickers should be mandatory! lol!! It was a fun day, and thank you. Its so hard sometimes but I hope one day it will be worth it! LOL I notice if I eat one thing bad it makes me almost want to eat everything else bad!! :( lol

  5. Hi Lauryn, it sounds like a very fun day! I am definitely having a "bad" food choice week. Hopefully I will get back together this weekend.

    I wanted to stop by and say Hi and pass along the Liebster Award. You may or may not have done this before but I thought it would be a fun way to get to know my fellow blogger's. No hard feelings if you choose to not participate. Thanks.



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