Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lunch with Mom!

Hello there!

It's late and I had to finish Mockingjay so I can return it to the liburary tommorow sooo this will be breif. Sorry. lol.


Same as yesterday-oatmeal, honey and banana!
Lunch was with mom at a favorite local restaurant!
Sweet Mom treated me today :)
Best thing I ate all day!
Hamburger steak with grilled onions on top. Green beans a roll and a side salad with ranch.
Check MFP for cals today if you are interested lol, iam too tired. Sorry loves!
I went to Zumba, which rocked tonight!
Then I came home on a mission to get a ton of things done.
We are leaving to go out of town Thursday!
I hurried and heated up half a cup of leftover chilli from last night and put it on a bun with a piece of cheese!
I did a few chores and cleaned some then had dinner part B!
Flat out with turkey sausage, pep, and mozz cheese
I saw a friend of mine at the gym today and she told me I was looking good and asked how much weight I had lost. I love times like this!!!
She actually movitaved me to loose the weight, she has been so great loosing weight here recently too!
Anyways, stay tuned because I MAY do a regular post tommorow AND a giveaway or maybe JUST a GIVEAWAY!!!!
I cant wait for yall to see all the "sweet" goodies! Muwhahah.
Nighty Night!!!


  1. You are your mom look like twins. Crazy! :)

    1. hahahah that is SO funny!! You think so?? :)

  2. You look so much like your mom!! Your both adorable :)


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