Friday, October 25, 2013

A Sundae on a Friday


Today was cray cray.

Ok for one, hubby got me four new tires and an alignment on the car and then discovered we apparently need to replace the starter. Ayeeee.

Oh well, I prayed and prayed and by the grace of God it hopefully wont cost much.  One of the perks of working at a dealership I guess. But still, no fun.

Anyways.  Breakfast was good.  We went by one of our favorite coffee shops for the "Zombie" blend this morning! I loved it.  Hubby then brought me an egg mcmuffin and apple slices from McDonalds.

DANG it my pic didn't upload and I don't feel like getting up to get my phone.  I am so relaxed on the couch right now.  Aunt Flowe has been visiting for about two solid days now and my tummy has been a bit cramped.  So I have  heating pad, blanket and a nice warm hubby beside me.  Oh and a new Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candle burning, SMELLS SO GOOD!!

Ok so lunch was a smart ones chicken fajita which I totally forgot to take a pic of. :(

But then me and hubs shared a butterfinger in the midst of our car problems.

I had about half, maybe a lil less.  But we will go with half.

Then I had 522 cals left for dinner.  Oh I had a banana with lunch.

We went to Red Bowl and got potstickers because they had half price apps. 

I had three.
Then I got the special Honey Chicken and it was basically sweet and sour chicken pieces but covered in honey instead.  It was kinda weird and a bit strong on the honey.  Would not order it again.
I asked for some sauces to dip with it. 
Ok so then after we went walking around the mall we got our free cookie sundaes from Chick fila.  It is part of the calendar they sell at Christmas time every year.  Every month has something free and this month it was a sundae.  Pretty sure I missed out on the last two freebies because I ran out of time/and forgot. LOL.
It was good but I got full and let hubby eat the rest of the cookies at the bottom.  It was pretty little so that is a good thing LOL. 
Anyways, yall it wasn't a great day but it could have been worse because by the end of the day I really wanted to face plant in some chips and queso. 
Happy Friday!!

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