Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm a Mighty Kid.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Hubby said when he went to work this morning it was 34 degrees! Wowzers.

I went to work and then to the dollar store for a few items.  After that Walmart, for what felt like three years. Walmart is very similar to a black hole.

I came home and started a potato soup in the crockpot and started cleaning.  I still need to finish laundry before I go to bed but I wanted to share my eats! 

Breakfast was a Yoplait light raspberry cheesecake yogurt (MY FAVE) with a banana and coffee.

For lunch I had McDonalds because I was hungry and there is one inside Walmart.

I got the Mighty Kids Meal Chicken nuggets.  It comes with a small fry and apples.  I had BBQ sauce.

I love the buckets, they used to do ones like these when I was a kid!

Then right before dinner I had another yogurt, which was really good too! 

Dinner was a crockpot copy cat Outback Steakhouse Potato Soup recipe that I found on pinterest!

It was so easy and SO good and only 151 calories per cup the way I made it.  It made 11 cups for me.
I used green onions, cheese and real bacon bits for toppings. 
Poor hubby ate dinner and fell right asleep on the couch.
Well I better finish the laundry and get my butt in bed!  Night!!!

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  1. Could you bring me some of that soup to Arkansas? It looks amazing. kthanks. :)


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