Friday, October 4, 2013

Coffee. You are me amigo.

I have seriously. Seerrrrrrrr-issshly. Been loving some coffee lately.

I drink it like all the time. 

Espically now since I am trying to eat very little at night.  Unless I am truely hungry.

Usually I am just truely snacky.

But I love sipping on a decaf coffee with fat free half and half. 

However today I bought these portion controlled babies:

Gettin my pumpkin on, ya'll.

Ok so yesterday I made a delicious rendition of a stuffed baked potatoe. 

I had chicken deli meat cut up and cheese sprinkled on it, with some spray butter.  I had soup on the side.  So good.

And speaking of coffee they are giving away free coffee at mcdonalds.

Something about national coffee day?  I think its going on till October 6th.

Ok yall....I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!!!!!!  Stay AWAY from the Halloween Candy!!!!! 


  1. The dreaded halloween candy ugh! I got a bag of little mini mr goodbars & other nestle chocolate bars that are like 40 something cals each or 1 pp. That way of I just have to have chocolate I have that but I usually get the WW caramel chocolates that are 3 pp & 120 cals. They sell them at my Walmart over with the Skinny Cow choc candies & I absolutely LOVE the WW ones! They are a little lifesaver especially during TOM. Today I made some cupcakes/muffins using carrot cake mix & canned pumpkin & I added 1 tbsp of whipped cream cheese frosting to them. They are soooo good! I didn't try one without the icing but I think they would even be good w/o it. It's only 50 cals for a tbsp though & it was worth it to me because I just thought it would be delish with that cream cheese icing on it. I'm also gonna try that using spice cake mix & pumpkin without icing & see how they are as just muffins.

  2. OMG where did you find those individual containers of the pumpkin spice creamer. I usually buy the larger bottle and use way too much of it. In my mind I tell myself what's one more splash (unfortunately all those splashes add up on the scale at WW though). Thanks so much.


  3. What?! Free coffee????????????????????

    Also, great idea with the potato. That looks like a yummy lunch idea.


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