Monday, August 18, 2014

My Morning Routine!

Hey loves! 

Well I must say I did actually create my routines this weekend to start implementing today!  I created the following:

-Morning Routine
-Evening Routine
-Everyday Chore List
-Daily Goals
-Weekly Cleaning Routine
-Meal Plan for the week
-Gym Routine for the week
-Decided what night will be my cheat meal (dinner) and what will be my desert splurge

Ok so today I wanted to go over my Morning Routine with you guys.  Now this will be different for everyone because we all lead different lives.  I am just sharing to maybe give ya'll a glimpse into my life right now and maybe it will encourage you to create your own if this is something you struggle with like I do!

Morning Routine (subject to change on a daily basis! lol)

-Get up on time!
-Use the Bathroom
-Weigh Myself
-Make Bed
-Feed pets
-Coffee/Orange Juice & Vitamins
-Quiet Time (reading Bible/Bible Study/Prayer Journal)
-Eat Breakfast while watching the Rachel Ray Show :)
-Work on our business stuff & balance all checkbooks
-Start Daily Chores

And that should conclude the morning!  Now let me show you how this morning has went so far!  I already had to alter my routine because I had to workout this morning while Jacob sleeps instead of this afternoon.  Plus, I am not striving for perfection.  This is a reminder of what I need to do and I hope to learn to automatically do these things and not become distracted like I USUALLY AM.  Ok so here goes!

Alarm set for 7:01 AM
Got up at like 7:15 after hitting snooze at least once.
Used bathroom
Weighed (186.6 in case you were wondering)
Recorded weight
Fed cat
Made coffee in keurig (I will usually make a pot of coffee if me and Jacob are up at the same time)
Poured glass of OJ (about 8 oz) and took vitamin (the trop 50)
Had my quiet time while drinking OJ and Coffee
Ate breakfast around 8 am got on facebook a bit
Out the door by 8:25 to go to the gym for my 8:30 Dance Cardio Class
It was a bit heavy on the squats and latin dancing but I did get to hear a Dirty Dancing Remix #baby
9:30 left class and went by Verizon which was closed.
Came home and WOULD have taken a shower except Jacob is sleeping and I realized my hair comb and stuff are in the bedroom/master bath.
Fed the dog
Balanced business and personal checkbook
I also need to clean this desk and file receipts for the business.

Now, not every day is like today.  Most days I probably wont have to sneak around the house and try to be quiet but here lately hubs has had some CRAY hours.  So anyways he needs to sleep until at least 11:30. 

Speaking of 11:30 that was about the time I made it to bed last night, so I am getting better!  I really hope to go to bed at like 10:30 or 11:00 tonight.  Not perfection, but progress people. 

I plan on having lunch in about an hour and a half.  I already drank one whole water bottle at the gym.  I want to drink two water bottles between breakfast and lunch everyday. 

I am planning to do a Morning Routine with pictures if ya'll are interested.  I want to share my other routines too.

Tonight I am planning to make chicken kabobs, couscous and roasted zucchini for dinner! I plan to take a pic of that and show ya'll tomorrow too.  I hope you are all having a great day!! What are your dinner plans tonight?

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  1. I love making lists of schedules and routines. I usually don't keep them really well, but I love the thought and time I put into them. ROFL


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