Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Routine for a New Way of Life

Hey guys! I guess its time for an update on my part....sorry about disappearing for a while, I am trying to get in the hang of this stay at home with no job thing! LOL.  Like, its hard.  Its not.  However I have not felt like blogging lately.  I have went from a strict "get up early go to bed by like 11pm" schedule for three and a half years and last night I stayed up until 3am.  I have adapted my schedule to my husbands and it is just NOT good for me.  Even if he has to work late sometimes I need to be on a regular schedule so I can get stuff done!

Also I have gained a ridiculous amount of weight back. 

Yep, scale is higher than it has been in like two years. 

I have got to get a routine going. 

Ok so I have decided on a little food plan that I am going to try.  NOW, things may get switched up because I am probably going to be at my parents the last week of August in SC but I still hope to keep this up. 

I have found what one of my problems is, and that my friends, is variety.  I have too many choices and options.  I need to think of food as fuel and not as my happy times of the day.  I need to eat a little lower in cholesterol and pretty much develop an eating system that will take me through decades in life.

I am sick of counting points.  I am sick of counting calories.  I have no job and I still cannot even bring myself to track all my food. LAZY.  Or burnt out, either way I need a new system.  And that my friends is what I am going to do. My plan is to eat the same breakfast and then give myself maybe two options for lunch and then a healthy dinner.  Maybe one night of the week splurge on a not so healthy dinner and one desert.  Or part of one desert.  My workout plan is to keep going to my classes at the gym, which I love. 

I also love these two cutie pies and I want to be healthy and on a good routine for them.  If mama aint happy aint nobody happy! haha. 
I have messed around and tried different things for about a month and these are the habits that have stuck:
Monday-grocery shop, clean
Tuesday-library, do something fun, clean more
Wednesday-no routine really
Thursday-same here, maybe clean more
Friday-Always feels like I need to go shopping and eat out.
Saturday-still feels like I need to eat out.
Sunday-Church, eat out, be lazy, help hubs with his invoices. 
I started out for sure cleaning on a few days but that fell by the wayside.  I need to write a schedule and post it and go by it.  That is my goal for this weekend.  Create a schedule and quit thinking of the weekends as eat out days.  I do not plan to eat out today but I probably will after church tomorrow. I also like getting ideas from people but I want to quit comparing myself and thinking that if someone does something I have to do it too.  I want to create something that works for me and my lifestyle. 
Do you have a weekly routine?  Do you work inside the home or do you leave for work? I am going to try to post my Monday schedule on Monday to hold myself accountable!  


  1. I am totally with you on the too many choices thing. I do kind of the same thing you are talking about.
    Breakfast- belvita breakfast biscuits with an orange and Greek yogurt OR Special K breakfast sandwich
    Snack-protein smoothie
    Lunch-tuna or chicken salad on crackers and soup OR turkey sandwich, veggies, and pop chips.
    Snack-zone protein bar or nuts/nut butter and apple slices
    Dinner- something made healthy.
    Good luck!!!

    1. I love that annie!! I have been wanting to try those biscuits too. Thanks for sharing your routine!!

  2. Tha'ts a great pic of your hubby and puppy! :) I'm sorry the scales are being rude. Life is always switching up here. Never seems the same. But during the homeschooling year, stuff seems to settled into a pattern. You will figure it all out. I agree that it just seems "expected" to eat out on the weekends. :-/

    1. I love that pic too LOL! Yes I feel like fall really helps people get back into routines and summer is kind of like a free for all! LOL I know I need to work something out with this eating out mess! LOL


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