Monday, July 21, 2014

The BEST Monday

As promised I am back with a full report of the day!

Well it ended up being one of the BEST Mondays ever since I didn't have to go to work ha!  Although honestly I got more of a lunch break at work!  Boy was I busy today.

I got up before 7 with hubby and made him and egg and cheese sandwich and we had some coffee and then he left. Its almost 11:30 and he wont be home until probably 5 or 6 am! He has been gone literally all day.  But then I got ready and went and signed up at the gym and I was so HAPPY because the joining fee had been marked down 50% off!  I was so glad we didn't sign up Thursday because they did it on Friday, I waited until today and it paid off! Woot!

Ok so I went to a really great dance cardio class that was from like 8:30-9:25 and boy am I sore right now LOL.  After that I came home and ate me some breakfast.  Before I left to go to the gym I had a banana from this bunch:

And then when I got home I had an egg, plus egg white and some toast with spray butter.  I didn't feel like it held me over long though.
It rained most of the morning after I got back from the gym so I laid low and worked on my coupons which took quite a while.  I got a list together for CVS and BI-LO.  I was pretty happy with my savings! 
I got some graduation/birthday cards sent out as well as some bills and looked at my planner and to do list.  I decided it was time for lunch around 1:00 something and made some tuna salad over lettuce and ate about 5 ritz crackers.  I have been counting points today!
I also shreaded up some cheese for the top.  It was really good.  I love being able to make lunches at home!  Well the rain let up a little bit and I scampered out to cvs and the grocery store to score my deals.  I feel like for me, I did really good. lol. 
I came home and ate some grapes because I was hungry from shopping!  It was almost 4pm so I decided to blog and then start cleaning.
I cleaned Jacobs bathroom, my bathroom (as well as mopped my bathroom floors) and I also cleaned my bedroom and closet.  I was tired.  I called my mom and chatted with her before I made dinner. 
I was starving so I had a tomato!
For dinner I made weight watcher Salisbury steak and it was so easy and good! 
I had scalloped potatoes and green beans with garlic on the side as well. 
After dinner I went to see my grandma.  Please say a prayer for her, she has to have a heart procedure done tomorrow! But I chatted with her and my aunt till about 9:30 and then came home and had me a toaster strudel for desert...5pp. 
It had Danish filling, so good! 
I did great with my eating today (much better than I have done in like 2 months!) and I know I got a great workout in this morning.  I have done some laundry and more dishes of course and wrote out my to do list for tomorrow.  OH I also found a dern book that I need to return to the library it is SO overdue.  Shows what happens when you clean out your closet.  You FIND stuff. 

Anyways I hope yall had a great day, I am going to try a new class tomorrow night I think called Shake n Shape or something.  What is your favorite fitness class?  What is your favorite weight watcher recipe? 

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  1. I really am looking into WW but before my wedding almost 4 yrs ago I actually tried it & gained weight :(


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