Friday, July 18, 2014

What I ate: Random Thursday Edition

Food blogging might be back for gooood peeps!  We will see but yesterday I decided to do one for yall and for myself to keep myself accountable!  So this is what I had yesterday.  I totally did myfitnesspal however I forgot to add in the cereal at the end of the night.  I am shooting for around 1500 calories, at this point just logging my food would help tremendously.  I had gotten out of control yall!  Ok so here goes. 

Breakfast, eggs and pb toast!

Lunch was eaten very late but it was leftover baked spaghetti with almost an ounce of cheddar cheese on top.
Then to go along with it I had some fruit and a peach!
 Not all of that melon lol that is the big bowl I got some from.
I am loving peaches right now!!!
For dinner me and hubby went on a date night because he went out of town this morning so we ended up at a Mexican place of course. 
free cheese dip!
I got the enchilada suiza which is basically two chicken fijitas rolled up with cheese and red sauce.  However I never get the red sauce.  It comes with rice and beans and a little guac salad.  SO GOOD! 
I also had chips salsa and cheese dip. 
BUT I totally passed up dairy queen and we instead went and looked at a fitness center we are thinking of joining.  We used to be members there but now it is super close to our house and it has workout classes and a pool and a waterpark and I really want to join again!
I miss my group fitness classes!!!!
Ok so then we went home and instead of ice cream I had opps all berries cereal that I measured and a 3/4 cup of milk. 
I am measuring things again peeps this is big haha.  Ok so anyways I just wanted to touch base with you all and see who is still here?  I have some news to share with yall soon (would share it now but don't have time to write the post) and lets just say there should be more blogging in the future!! I am super excited but I will talk to yall later! Have a lovely Friday!

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  1. Join the gym!!! It's way more motivational to go to a gym than to work out in your living room. Found that out! LOL Hmmmm.... more time for blogging? I suspect a stay-at-home future MOTHER. We shall see, I guess! Lol


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