Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello from Charleston!

Well technically, I am about 20 minutes outside Charleston lol. 

I am at Mom and Dad's with the little brother.  Hubby is still home working but should be joining us later this week along with more friends and family!

So Monday night Dad came into town and picked me up and drove me down here.  We got home pretty late and it took forever for me to fall asleep.  Tuesday morning it was just me and mom at home so we sat out on the deck in the lovely weather (sunshine, cool breeze, low humidity) after she made me a delicious breakfast.  Cheesy eggs and toast.  Lots of coffee was had. 

I lounged on her second story porch and did my Bible study/quiet time.  It was glorious. 

I could get used to this!!!!
Ok so then we got ready and went and grabbed lunch at like 2:30.  Chick fila baby.  I got the cobb salad with grilled nuggets on top and used about half a pack of the salad dressing.
 It was so nice having some alone time with Mom, I really miss her!
After that Dad picked us up and we went to the airport to pick up the San Diego beach bummin little brother! 
I got a dunkin donuts coffee at the airport but it wasn't that great.
This was pretty great though! 
After that we went and got Godfathers pizza and brought it home but Jonathan promptly conked out on the couch.  Bad bad jet lag.  Plus a three hour time difference.  Plus he had been awake since the day before at 5 pm his time.  And it was then about 6pm our time. So he napped for about 3 hrs and me and mom went on a walk around the neighborhood then to publix for a few groceries and a redbox. 
We also had some of Moms sugar free éclair for desert.  It is SO GOOD.
Jonathan is so funny.  He woke up this morning and opened my door to my room then shut it.  I woke up and was like "what?" No answer.  I thought maybe it was Mom but she wouldn't be that loud.  Little later I wake up and go in the bathroom and I hear Jonathan running up the stairs and I can hear him telling mom I have been asleep long enough and he is going to wake me up.  LOL.  I was like IM IN THE BATHROOM! haha. 
Now this kid is making me run. 
Then I am making him got to the pool! 
Have a lovely day my friends!


  1. So glad you are spending time with all your lovely family! Yay for brother being in. :) Tell him I said hi! Hahahaha, jk.

  2. that balcony looks so peaceful!! i need some more downtime!


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