Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birthday Girl !!!

Happy Birthday to my BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING mother, I love you so much!!!!

She is so totally wonderful and I am so blessed to have her :)

Ok so today we got up and went to church together because my dad and Jacob had to work, well we ended up meeting them for lunch while visiting my aunt Debbie at the hospital.  I don't think I have updated here since she got admitted Friday.  I would love it if you would say a prayer for her, she has a lot of health problems. 

We ended up in Charlotte eating near the hospital at the Viva Chicken which is a Peruvian rotisserie chicken place and it was soooo cute and delicious! 

I got something called a Tacu Bowl?  It had rice on the bottom and then beans that reminded me of pintos.  I also paid extra to add chicken and avocado.  It had tomatoes and red onions too and a good green sauce.  It really filled me up!!  I had water and lemon.  My brother is trying to get me to quit drinking sodas and I haven't had any today!  After lunch I was really missing my caffeine though and Mom wanted to go to Amelie's which is a really cute French bakery in downtown Charlotte. 

Its so cute inside and they are open 24/7!!! 
The coffee was delicious and I got a pettifor (however you spell it).  In case you don't know, its a very teeny tiny piece of cake.  I got the strawberry shortcake flavor.  Hubby got a cream puff.  LOL.  Which is kinda funny because one time I had a dog named Cream Puff. One time Dad got to looking for his wallet and we came home and Cream Puff had been chewing it up on the front porch.  LOL. 
Mom and Dad at lunch today.  Aren't they the cutest?

More on my diet plan tomorrow.....I have canceled weight watchers and I am switching things up a bit!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!!! I love you all!!!!


  1. Looks so good! I can't wait to hear the new plan.

  2. You look just like your mom. It's so weird! I am now doing Trim Healthy Mama. It has taken some brain work and some adjusting, but I really like it! No counting anything and getting to eat from all food groups. Woohooo! Happy bday to your mama! :)


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