Sunday, November 10, 2013

What have I been up to? LONG over due post!

Hey LOVES!!!

I hope you are all doing great!!!

I wanted to update you all on what I have been up to lately!!

I am sorry I left you hanging last Sunday but this week has been on point!!!

I had been talking to my brother about how I cant loose this weight.  I keep re-losing the same 5 or so pounds over and over and I'm sick of it!

He was giving me some tips because he is a Marine and its his JOB to stay within a certain weight.  Not only is it part of his job, but to even JOIN the Marines he had to lose weight and I want to say he lost around 40 lbs.  He looks amazing now and its insane what his body can do.  I mean, 10 mile hikes with 70lbs of gear?  When one year ago he was just trying to get down running and push ups!?  So, I listen to him, lol! 

Anyways he was trying to motivate me and told me that me and him should set a little goal.  Mine is to loose 20 lbs by Christmas and his is to get a six pack by Christmas. LOL.  So that is my goal.  So far, since last sunday I have lost 3.6 lbs and this morning I weighed in at 174.4. 

Ok so what have I been doing?

1.  NO MORE SODA.  Yall know I love me some Diet Coke.  I have completely cut that out.  No regular soda, no diet.  No juice.  Which I never drink juice really anyway.  I have drank only coffee, water and unsweet tea all week.  My brother told me to do this and he ALWAYS drinks water.  I saw him order maybe one soda the whole time he was down last month. 

2.  LEMON WATER.  He told me first thing in the morning to add a fresh lemon's juice to my water.  There are tons of benefits to this that you can research and he told me some. I bought lemons and did it for like two days but I tried to do it and workout and on the second day it made me really thirsty!!  He got on me today for not doing it lol so I might try it again. 

3.  WORKOUT MONDAY-FRIDAY.  You read that right.  Five days a week.  I did this all of this week.  I picked something I like doing (elliptical) and then kind of mixed up the rest after that with other random cardio things (treadmill/bike).  All I am doing right now is cardio.  I am trying to keep it simple starting out. Plus I am the cardio queeeeeeen.  I loves it.

4. GET UP EARLY.  I set my alarm to 6:05 M-F and tried to be at the gym by 7am.  I tried to be in the shower at the gym by 8am and then at work by 9am.  Some mornings I snoozed a little longer and didn't get to the gym till a bit after 7 BUT this was a first week trial and I am happy to get to the gym period at this point lol.

5. GET STUFF READY.  This week I tried to get unplugged by 9pm.  At that time I would go and make sure I have my gym bag packed, an outfit picked out, shoes packed, gym clothes laid out and a lunch planned, roughly.  After a few days it got way easy because most of my stuff to get ready with, stayed put in the gym bag!  Its so much easier than taking random rest days.  I had all Saturday as a rest day and today I went for a beautiful run outside just because I wanted to and needed more calories to eat haha!  I also try to be in bed ready to sleep by 10:30-11pm.  That way I get around 7 hours.

6. MY FITNESS PAL.  I'm back at it guys.  You can check out my food diary and friend me, it's lauryn86.  Please tell me if you are a blog reader!  I love connecting with you guys, you all feel like some of my closest friends, especially those who have been with me since DAY ONE!  I am tracking all food and trying to stick to 1400 calories. 

7. MAKING GOOD CHOICES.  Friday night we went to Captain D's.  Errrbody and their mama got fried fish, including my naughty husband but I got the delicious broiled white fish with rice, broccoli, salad and a breadstick.  I LOVE THIS MEAL!  Saturday I had no breakfast because I was rushing at work and I had a hair appointment...more on that later.  I went by chick fila and got 8pc nugget meal and unsweet tea.  Ate my fries, that was my treat this week.  Then for dinner hubby wanted mcdonalds so I got a salad and ate half a little hamburger.  I stole a couple of his fries too haha.  Then today we went to Cracker Barrel and I got the grilled chicken tenderloins and carrots, green beans and pintos.  I had one biscuit and a half a corn muffin.  YALL those used to be like crack to me!!  Tonight I had delicious low fat Amys black bean soup at home for dinner. Try to keep dinner light.


8.  NSV.  I dug out some old jeans that I haven't tried on in years because they didn't fit anymore.  I had gained so much weight but I LOVED those jeans and wore them on my honeymoon.  I just could NOT part with them. I tried them on tonight and they are LOOSE people!!!! Not only do they fit but they fit comfortably like they should!!!! I am SOOOOOO happy!!!!!

I feel amazing in them!!! SOOOO glad that I kept them after all these years!!!

So I mean, that is pretty much it guys!! I have been trying to stay on track and I think I have done pretty good this week so far.  Ok so I wanted to update you on my hair appointment.  I haven't had my hair done since MAY yall!!!!  It was lookin cray!!

She didn't flat iron it, so it looks a little rough in this pic, but I wanted to show you the color in natural light.  I got low lights and high lights and a trim! 

 This was after I straightened it at home. I am starting to really like it I think! 

Anyways! I hope you are all having a great weekend and now I need to go get everything packed for tomorrow.  I love you all!!!!
xoxo Lauryn


  1. So glad you are back on losing weight train! Good Luck!!! I wish I had the motovation you do. I am workign on it just not there yet. Can't wait to see your progress!!! <3

  2. I am so proud of you girlie. You had a great week and are making some great choices. It seems like a lot of people got their hair done this weekend...looking good! Keep it up...we can do this!

  3. OMG love your new hair!!! It's beautiful!!! :)

  4. also, way to kick this week's butt. Im feeling back on track too!! Lets keep it going!!

  5. Congrats on losing 3.6!!! I have been doing much better the last 2 weeks & have lost 5 lbs so far but I'm taking off weight I had gained over the course of 2 beach trips & just being slack....still happy 5 of those lbs are gone though!! I absolutely LOVE your hair girl!!! I have been considering getting hilites & lowlights for a while now too. I'm hoping to get mine done before Christmas. Was it much more expensive to get it done like that instead of just hilites? Did Hayley do it this time?

  6. Your hair looks great, and I even think I like it best in the before picture! Looks great even natural. :) So happy for you about your NSV. That feels just amazing, I know!


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