Tuesday, January 7, 2014

365 Days Ago...& yummy yogurt

One year ago today, my little brother was sworn into the USMC!  Now he is a Lance Corporal living in San Diego, CA!  I cant believe a year ago I was standing with my parents watching him get sworn in.  It is crazy to see how much you can accomplish in one year. 

We all have a brand new year ahead of us in 2014 and I hope this is one of the best yet for you guys and for myself and my family.  2013 was hard.  Hard but good in it's own way.  I dont feel like I have really wasted time with my weight loss.  I used to.  All of last year I kept feeling like it was slipping away but now I just feel like I was learning. 

Here we go with the rest of yesterday's food recap...

Grapes for a snack, half a cup!  Meal prepped and portioned out!

Then when I got home we had yummy chilli dogs with turkey franks. 

They taste much like regular hot dogs to me and I doctor them up too :) I put some texas pete chilli, onions, light mayo, ketchup and mustard on it.  I had some sweet potato fries (actually less than a serving I think) and about a fourth cup of baked beans.  Hubby LOVES him some baked beans and I do too really.  Is that a southern thing?  Do any of you northern peeps eat them?  I was at a texas roadhouse in PA recently and they didnt have them!!  They certianly do at ours!! lol So weird. 

Last night I managed to keep busy a lot and never ate anything else! Well I had one other hotdog haha.  Oh and I snacked on just a few of these veggie straw thingys hubby brought home but they are super low cal.

Im pretty glad that I didnt stay up late to watch the BCS National Championship because I was going to be mad the SEC lost in like the last seconds of the game.  SUCKY !!!!  Anyways. 

I went to bed before 10:30 !!  Got up at like 6:02 am.  Got my hiney to the gym!!  I drank the c4 pre workout and also had coffee. 

Today was arms and elliptical for 30 mins.  I had a feeling I will be sore tommorow.

It is SO cold that we had a two hour delay of schools in the area.  Its cray. 

Egg and oatmeal, this morning I sprinkled cinnamon sugar instead of cinnamon, better!

I got this yogurt at food lion and its so thick and creamy. I really liked it!!

Lunch was rice and chicken again with asparagus and sweet tater!! 

Well I am getting busy at work right now but I hope yall are having a great day!!


  1. I think you did good in 2013 to end the year slimmer than you were when you started it! That's great! :)

  2. I MUST get on the ball this year. I was literally sick the last 3 months of 2013 and let all of my work go to hell in a handbasket. (How southern did I just sound? LOL)

  3. Tell your brother thank you!!!!!!!!!!! and come back!!!!


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