Monday, January 6, 2014

Meal Prepping, C4 pre workout, & Gym time!

Hey yall!!!!

Ok I am back. 

Listen, this is probably what is going to have to happen because I have just NO time at night to blog.  I know yall think that is cray because I dont have kids but starting this year I am really going to try to be on top of things!!! And that means paying attention to my house work.  And yall know I have to walk into work 6 days a week.  Happy to have a job but stressed sometimes and trying to get it all balanced.  So I am going to try to blog during lunch!!! Ok so this is a re-cap of yesterdays eats AND today's up until lunch!

Yesterday Jacob was working but I went to church.  I had a bowl of the strawberry chocolate special k (two servings of the cereal and one cup of milk), with coffee.

Its SO GOOD!!! I love that cereal!!! Hubby is at home eating it today! Naughty hubby!!! MINE!

After church I went to the mall to exchange some jeans for my brother that I got him at Christmas that didnt fit and since he lives in SAN DEIGO and all I had to go return them and today will have to send them to California.   I also went to the VS SALE! Holla!
Oh, the above pic is thai food -rice, grilled chicken, steamed veggies (sorta steamed, no sauce that I could tell).
Then I went to Old Navy and got a few workout clothes on sale! Woot ! And some red rockstar jeans on clearance as well as a cute shirt for work on clearance.  I love a good deal!
So I came home and cleaned and paid some bills and meal prepped for this week! SO easy and I didnt even plan out a meal plan haha.  I just grabbed sweet potatoes at the grocery store but you could sub that for rice if you wanted to do something similar.  I baked the sweet potatoes in the oven and halved them, one half per lunch.  Baked up a bunch of grilled chicken tenderloins with Ms. Dash and threw in some steamed asparagus in two of them and italian cut green beans ( I split one can in two) in the other two.  Healthy and easy peasy!
This should last me for four days.  I will probably grab something to go on friday or have leftovers of some sort or a frozen meal.  I am so sick of frozen meals though!

Dinner was before my food prep though and I had a salmon burger (my last one! eek!) from Costco and steamed asparagus (7 spears are 20 calories, I think & I think I counted out seven) from aldis also about a half a cup of rice with spray butter!

It was SO good yall!!!  Ok so then I went to bed before 10:30!!! Yay!!! I got up around 5:50am. 

You read that right!!!

Got my stuff on and everything packed up and drank my C4!!!  Its pink lemonade flavor and AWESOME!!!!  You mix it with like 4-6oz of water.  Awesome, yet expensive.  For a 30 serving container I paid around 31.99 (gold card member price at gnc) although you might could find it online cheaper.  But honestly I looked foward to trying it out and getting up to workout.  I also took a coffee to go. 

I really feel that it made a difference.  NOW, I would not go around drinking this stuff like they do spark and what not.  It gave me a TON of energy but I was a bit jittery after a few hours.  Still love it, still will drink it, but ONLY before a workout. 

I got my hiney to the gym and did two ab machines.  Yall, I know I have NO IDEA really what I am doing weightlifting wise but I just want to slowly dip myself into it.  One day abs, one day arms, one day legs, everyday cardio!

Ok so I did the two machines then ran on the treadmill for 5 mins.  Nearly fell out. UGH.  Running is something you have to use or you lose. 

Then I did the elliptical (my fave) for 40 mins. 

Hott MESS.

Got to work and had breakfast.  Oatmeal from a big canister (aldis) with cinnamon and cinnamon applesauce (half a single serving).  Also a hard boiled egg ( I also prepped four of them last night). 

I had a 100 cal yogurt for a snack.

And then for lunch...half a sweet potato (with a bit of butter and cinn sugar -very small ammt) along with green beans and chicken.  I had a pack of chick fila bbq sauce with my chicken!

Yall meal prepping was honestly not hard and only took like 40 mins-1 hr to make!  I am so excited and I want to do it every week!!  Very cost effective too!!!

I hope yall are having a great day!!!



  1. Meal prepping is really a live saver. Blog when you can. We don't care!!! :)

  2. Great job!! Don't be scared of the machines at the gym! I was for a long time, but it's really no big deal!

  3. Exactly - people get way too intimidated with meal prepping! How do you like C4? Kelly did not like it so much.

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