Monday, December 16, 2013

Spaghetti, Super Hubby & New Sheets

Hey loves!!

I hope you all had a great Monday and are getting ready & preparing your hearts for the Christmas season!!! I am loving it!!

I was really sick last week.  Tuesday night me and hubby went to watch the Hunger Games and eat Mexican.  My parents had given us a card with a bit of money for an anniversary present and so we went on the 5.00 movie night.  We had a great night and only paid 10 bucks out of pocket I believe!  And that is because we wanted popcorn and drinks, haha.

Well that night I realized I was feeling a bit froggy in my throat and then the next morning I woke up pretty congested.  Then fever followed with lots of sneezing, running nose, and now just a bit of coughing with a congested voice.  I feel MUCH better compared to last week. 

This weekend I stayed at home and watched Christmas movies all day.  I couldn't go to church Sunday so I watched it on tv & then the internet live.  I love my church!

Hubby has been so sweet.  He has cooked and cleaned and took care of me and grocery shopped and picked up Chinese.  He even wrapped all the rest of the presents for me Sunday.  And if you ever get a pretty wrapped present from us you can thank Jacob because I suck at wrapping presents.  :)

But tonight I came home and the floors were cleaned.  The house was cleaned. Laundry was done and he had spaghetti, garlic bread & salad all ready.  Complete with an ice cold diet coke. 

He is the bestest.  Ever.
It was so good. 
But today I went to Target and got us flannel plaid Christmas sheets!!!
I came home and decorated our bedroom a little bit and plugged in a new winter scented febreeze.  They smell the best the longest!
I hope yall are doing good, I wanted to check in and let you know what I have been up to!


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better girlie and what a great husband! You might need to send him to my house while I am at work! I got your Christmas card and it is so cute! Hope you are feeling much better today!

  2. His look in that top pic CRACKS me up. He's like a gangsta or something! Hahaha What a great guy! That is super sweet of him to baby you so AND take care of things that are important to women.. like cleaning!!! :) Enjoy the flannel. Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Your hubby is so sweet! Great it!! :)

    Have a Beautifully Blessed Day ~ Jayma |


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