Friday, December 6, 2013


Hey loves!!

Sorry I didnt post last night, I was busy cuddling this little sweet baby!!!

If anything at all makes me want kids...its tht moment when I am holding a newborn !

Ah, seriously yall he is EDIBLE!!!!

This is my cousin April's baby, by the way...I know I have mentioned his shower and such on the blog...

He is just the sweetest thing ever and his nursery is beautiful!! 
He was born on the day we left for vacation last week :( So this is the first I have gotten to see him!
I took Mommy and Daddy some KFC and got myself a chicken little and it was all downhill from there.  I suck at dieting.  But I am going to spare you those details and show what I had from lunch and breakfast!
 Pretty sure I didnt eat that banana, but the oatmeal and one egg I did eat!

I had this sweet and sour chicken Healthy Choice meal and it had one really piece of burnt chicken in it, other than that it was SO good!!

So, I contacted Healthy Choice and a few hours later they sent me an email appologizing over the burnt piece but saying they would send me some coupons in the mail so I could give them another try!  So sweet of them!  It was relly delicious despite the burnt piece I had to throw away LOL.

Later on I had one of these Kashi bars which are really good!  I love the chocolate chips in them!

Well today is Hubbys company Christmas party and I am excited to meet him over there for lunch.  They always have a delicious spread, I will try to snap a pic!
Happy Friday Everyone!  What are your plans today?



  1. Love that baby, his fat cheeks, his hands in that adorable position, and all that hair!!! I vote you go ahead and have YOU one of those and then get to goal after that, mkay? Lol

  2. I may have to try out some frozen meals again. Seems like I got off track when I stopped eating those, to eat clean instead. and eating clean only led to me cheating a lot. Maybe I need to get back to the basics!!

    That's awesome they sent you coupons. I love companies that take care of customers!! :) Newborns give me baby fever too!


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