Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I Just Dont Know...

I don't really know what to blog about. 

I kind of miss the old format where I took pictures of my food but apparently I got to a point where I was too busy or burnt out on it. 

I was doing pretty good with my diet and exercise until a few weeks ago and this past week when we were on vacation.  I still tried to be mindful though and my eating was way different from vacations in the past. 

Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, am I ever going to like what I see?

Or will there honestly be no stopping point?

Will I always love food and laziness more than health and skinniness? 

Have I just got to the point where I honestly cannot change my diet anymore because it would really just make me that unhappy?

I love my Mexican lunch Sundays and date night Fridays with the hubby.  I love cooking something delicious for us on the stove or in the crockpot on Saturdays.  I can eat healthy about 4 days out of the week pretty effortless but the three other days I usually mess up at least one meal. 

Why is it so difficult to stay on track and within my calories?  Calorie counting is pretty much the easiest thing ever.  Especially with apps like my fitness pal, I have no excuse. 

Of course there is no giving up.  I cant see my self ever going back to getting biscuits in the morning or eating fries with lunch everyday, it is just not who I am anymore.  Sure I have fries once in a while but it is very rare. 

Just this past Sunday on the way home from vacation we stopped at a burger king and I told Jacob it had been so long since I had been to one I barely knew what they had anymore!

Every month I think, this is MY month! I have got this!  Then my hormones throw me for a loop, or family drama makes me crazy or work has my stomach in a knot or whatever else excuse falls in my lap!  I feel like I will NEVER make it out of the 170s. 

But my question is, if I do have any readers left out there, what do you want to read on this blog?  I always try to do pictures of some kind.  More of a day to day random health related update?  Or food pics or what?  Let me know what you enjoy reading.  It will help make up my mind how to start blogging again.  I really miss it.  I love hearing from you all and comments make me immensely happy!  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are getting ready for Christmas, I know we are!




  1. I really loved reading your blog when you were posting your food. Honestly, when you were in your weight loss zone was the best. But I think that has more to do with the fact that you were posting frequently. I love you and anything you post is pretty fabulous. Plus I loved your grocery haul videos!

  2. I love seeing your food pics! I know it is hard and I feel the same way you do! Will I ever succeed??? Will it ever be enough? Will I ever be happy?? We are in this together and you are so motivating! Seriously!!! Just keep on keepin on!

  3. Oh, Lauryn. I would *love* to be in the 170s. My goal is 175 honestly. LOL But I also realize I weighed 165 on my wedding day and have now had 4 kids. 175 sounds like supermodel status to me now. Ha! I just like seeing pics. I don't care if it's your cat or your food or whatever. :) You can tell a huge diff in your looks in all your pics, though. I have a friend whose mom eats very skimpy M-F, lots of salads and NO dessert. Then on Sat and Sun she eats however and whatever she wants to. She has done this for years and has always maintained a great weight. I guess that is the 80/20 rule, huh? Easier said than done, though! Glad to see a post from you!

  4. Hi pumpkin! I was so glad to see your post today. I agree with Staci...I would love to be in th 170s. I have had this probelm lately too. I do good for a day or 2 then I fall off. I have been working to get back on track quicker instead of it messing up my entire day or week but it is HARD. I have been gaining/losing the same 10lbs forever. I love your food pics because they always gave me ideas on different ways to eat healthy but be creative with it. I also like the random day to day stuff too because we can all relate to it.

  5. Staci took my response! I too would love to be in the 170's.

  6. You look gorgeous in that pic! I love your hair! Hang in there, the holidays and winter are HARD. I like your food pics but really just about anything :)

  7. I'm with you. I haven't lost ANY weight all year. I've basically maintained between 155-165. All 25 pounds were lost in 2012.I've been doing the same as you, trying hard but evidently not trying hard enough. Its very frustrating. I feel for you.

    I decided to start using my blog like a journal. Readers or no readers, it's really just about having a blog that you love to write for. Otherwise, what's the point? So I talk about food and running some, but I also talk about why I love kate middleton ;) and what me and the hubs did over the weekend. Don't be so hard on yourself! seriously. stop it :)

    also, that photo of you is GORGEOUS.

  8. Hi Lauryn,

    You had a pretty, fun blog.
    Anyway, many of us are really wanted to be fitter, and food choices is the first challenge=)
    But the important is that you are eating healthy foods and you are happy.
    Emotional health is more important indeed=)

    Stay gorgeous and cheerful*(^_^)*

    Martial Arts Brisbane


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