Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Hungry Girl Diet

Hey everyone!  Sorry I disappeared off the face of the earth there for a while.  We had moved last Jan 2013 and we were living WAY far from our jobs and families and civilization in general and everything took longer.  I had to leave for work early and got home late and it was just not fun and I was tired all the time.  Now we have moved back into "town" and we bought our first house!

 We love it!!!!  We closed on February 28th and spent basically the whole month of march painting it and putting down new floors...(ah the perks of being married to a flooring installer ;) It is three bedrooms, two full baths, kitchen and living room with a fenced in back yard.  I also have a pretty big laundry room that I am stoked about ...and hubby even painted one of it's walls chevron for me. 

Anyways due to my life being in upheaval...a blissful upheaval at least....I have been sucking at eating right and exercise has been very non existent.  SO...there is that. Haha.  Oh and my scale is packed somewhere and I have to dig it out tonight!  Tomorrow I am going to try the Hungry girl diet! I still plan on eating two meals out a week but this will get me back in the groove of not eating out every MEAL.  I am not kidding. I have been a bad girl!  I really like this book!  It was only 18.99 at Target and of course I bought it with some chocolate mini eggs.  See. Bad.

Anyways.  I want to update you guys!  My parents are doing ok....Dad just had a birthday and found out he has diabetes!  Poor guy...but mom made him a sugar free éclair for his birthday.  We celebrated at Logans.  Oh and my Dad took a job offer in Charleston. SO my parents are leaving me!!! That is right.  No immediate family in the same state. SUCKY.  Not even inlaws.

My brother...well I haven't seen him since Christmas.  He is still in San Diego.  We might get to see him in August.  Please say a prayer for him he has had an awful stomach virus this weekend. 

Bestie is getting married!  She got engaged in January and yours truly is the maid of honor. We are having a lot of fun and time is flying by at a rapid pace! She has the most gorgeous dress bought too...yall will love it.  Oh and that means I have to fit into one of these suckers in a matter of weeks...

Hubby is his own boss now.  He does flooring for a big company but he is the owner of his business if that makes sense.  Let me tell you that was SCARY at first and we really had to trust God, but I really think this was a blessing from the Lord. 

We have also been really active at our church, we love it!  We volunteer every other Sunday night as greeters. 

Well yall that is it in a nutshell!  Oh miss Noel has been as happy as ever.  Rotten, but happy.

I hope you all are doing good!!! How is your weight loss going??  Please let me know! Let me know if you have this book too!!! I will give yall a day one recap tomorrow.  Nighty night!!


  1. :) Good to see you here. I almost unfollowed your blog on bloglovin last nightbecause I really thought you were never coming back and were through with blogging. So happy for you on the new home, the new job situation, and love that dress on you already. Looks to fit good to me! And who can resist Miss Noel?

    1. ahh you better not unfollow naughty girl!!! hahahah how funny. Thanks girl! The dress I hope will fit...ehhh!

  2. Glad to see you back! Missed reading your blog!

  3. I also bought the Book!! Have not looked at it yet.. but will in the next couple of days

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