Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bein reeeeal & it's gettin reeeeal!

Well I am just going to be real with yall.  I barely did one single day of that hungry girl diet.  Now I guess I will just use it for food ideas or maybe try it when life calms down a little! But anyways.  I still recomend the book but I feel like eating what I want just counting calories is what I will do right now.

Last week I weighed in at 181 and now I am at 177 as of this morning.  I have been counting calories for the past three days and incorporating 30 minutes of cardio in the morning.  I have also had a sensible bedtime and tried to keep up with my housework this week. 

I feel like when my house is in order and my kitchen is clean that I can have a much more successful day. 

I LOVE living so close to civilization now.  I mean it has its drawbacks.  I hear much more trains and sirens now, lol.  But it's so nice being close to everything. The gym is five minutes away.  Grocery store five minutes.  Target like THREE minutes :)

My drive to work in the am used to be like 30-35 minutes and now it is like 8 minutes max andn usually the drive home is shorter.  I just have to thank the Lord who is always so good to us and knows just what we need!

So anyways.  I have been tracking food on myfitnesspal.  I have been eating at home a lot more now that we are settled and we are DONE with the kitchen.  YAY! Hubby finished that last weekend! So proud of him.  He put in new laminate countertops and a gorgeous stainless steel looking backsplash.  I will post pics soon. 

I have been loving tomato sandwiches with low fat mayo.

I have been loving waffles as deserts with sugar free syurp (just a little). 

I like popcorn at night too, the 100 calorie bags are perfect. 

I have been watching 19 Kids and Counting the past two weeks, LOVE that show!! Got to see a wedding eppisode last night and it was so precious!

Speaking of weddings, Bestie's wedding shower is this weekend!! Things are getting real, FAST yall! Eeeek.  I am contemplating doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred the 30 days leading up to the wedding because it seriously shaped my back when I was doing it I felt like.  I did it like 17 days before I quit, boo! 

Anyways, how are yall?  I will come back with more pics soon, just felt like writting to you all.  Lots of love!!!



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