Monday, September 22, 2014

A Great Kickoff to Fall

Hey guys!

I hope you all had a marvelous Monday! Mine started off good and then I saw an old friend while I was out browsing and we ended up spending probably an hour together, shopping and chatting.  So that kinda threw my day off but it was nice!

Anyways, breakfast was very good!  I had some milk I needed to use up (normally I make oatmeal with water) so I cooked the quick oats from aldis on the stove top with milk and then added a few dashes of cinnamon, a tsp of brown sugar and tsp of honey and cut up half of a banana on top.  Very good!

My lunch was really weird because I ended up eating 2/3 of a bag of Target popcorn in the store while I was chatting and then I wasn't really hungry but I had to do the salad challenge! LOL. 
So I made a goat cheese, walnut, cranberry salad, trying to re-create the one I ate at the wedding and it was delicious!
At 4:30 I had my shake and shape class and it was super fun!  We even got to do "Thriller".  It was a great kick off to fall!  And an even better one was the taco chilli I had in the crockpot when I got home!  Only bad part was I could not figure out how many servings it made until I was ready to put it up.  I ate 4 cups YALL! That is bad but that is what happens when you don't eat protein at lunch and then workout LOL.  I should have stopped myself but it tasted SO good.  I really need to listen to myself when I know I don't need anymore.  I had a side of corn chips with it and some cheese on top. 

I hope you guys had a great day!  Have you made chilli?  What is your favorite kind??


  1. Making chili Wednesday! I like all kinds of chili. I really love the McCormick's white chicken chili packet. I double everything EXCEPT the packet, and it's perfect. Oh, and I use shredded chicken instead of using oil and cubed ckn pieces. So 1 packet, 1 can of petite diced tomatoes, 2 cans northern beans, shredded chicken. Cook all day in the crockpot, then top avocado, shredded cheese, sour cream and use DORITOS for chips. Naughty Doritos! LOL Well, you asked. ;)

  2. I love chili! We prefer the traditional beef chili.

  3. You already know how I make my chili. :-) I ate it like 3 days in a row one week several weeks ago when Ronnie was out of town. Might have to make some this week since it's feeling so good outside. I am so excited about this weather! We loved using our fire pit last year & Kayla loves to make smores....just LOVE Fall!!!!


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